Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement of Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders’ Endorsement of Hillary Clinton



As reported by CNN Politics, on June 12, 2016, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have joined forces in the war against their shared enemy, Donald Trump. Sanders, 74, who is a self-described democratic socialist, has pledged his endorsement of support for his former rival, Clinton until election day arrives. The event took place at the Portsmouth High School gymnasium, where 3,000 of Sanders supporters brought signs and wore T-shirts to cheer on a campaign that was already suspended.

As reported by “The Boston Globe,” the senator’s first words to his supporters came as a surprise with his endorsement of Clinton. As he spoke, 40 of his own supporters walked out. It was evident, with the body language between the two ex-rivals, they were not friends. They had avoided touching one another, and Sanders, during his 30-minute speech, negated any acknowledgment of Clinton even after mentioning her name repeatedly.

Clinton enthusiastically stated that she and Sanders were joining forces to defeat Trump, adding she and her new counterpart were stronger together and she is excited to see how much more enjoyable it would be. Clinton also mentioned Sanders repeatedly and addressed his supporters directly, at the Portsmouth high school’s gymnasium.

Clinton stated that a few of the policy issues were Sanders’, he was able to pull her toward the political left, over the course of their conversations. Those policies include minimum wage, affordable college, and the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. In doing so, it would help make a broader concession or compromise. It is being said that Sanders’ movement is nothing short of a political revolution.

Although Sanders has elected to join forces with Clinton, it was evident in his speech, addressed to the high school gymnasium’s audience, he does not really think she is the more liberal or populist one. According to “The Washington Post,” he peppered his statements with Hillary Clinton, understands so and so, and Hillary Clinton, knows so and so, placing her name before the ideas that were his, not Clinton’s.

Sanders is known to back the raise in minimum wage, making statements, such as nobody who works a 40-hour-week should live in poverty. He is also an advocate for the poor and he is the man who implemented the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEP). Sanders is a senator for his people.

In peppering Clinton’s name in front of statements and truths that are Sanders it gives her the gun-power so to speak, to wage a war against Trump and come out on top. Clinton needs Sander’s endorsement, and the senator gave his endorsement because he feels that Clinton has come into agreement with him on most of the major campaign platforms.

Clinton made good standing statements in Sanders wake stating, “he has inspired a group of young people who care deeply for our country.” She also went on to thank Sanders’ supporters who had given their “heart and soul” to Senator Sanders’ campaign, and then she thanked them.

The long-awaited unity between Sanders and Clinton was two weeks prior to the Democratic National Convention and has put to rest the fears of a democratic political ordeal – type scenario, which encompasses the idea that Sanders might have sat on his hands at the general election or ran as a third-party candidate on the political left.

By Tracy Blake
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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