Ben Affleck and His Movies

Ben Affleck and His Movies



Ben Affleck, 43, was born in Berkeley, California. Affleck is known for his acting, screenwriting, producing, and directing. He received his big break for acting in the, 1997, Academy Award-winning hit movie, “Good Will Hunting,” which he also co-wrote.

Although Affleck received his big break in 1997, the star was not new to acting. His first movie was the 1979, independent film, “The Dark End of the Street,” when he was only 7 years old, which was produced by a family friend. The star, at the age of 8, was then featured in, “The Voyage of the Mimi,” which aired on PBS.

Affleck went to the University of Vermont, as well as California’s Occidental College, for a brief stint, but he left to follow his dream of becoming an actor. His first major movie was in 1992, called “School Ties,” which also starred his best friend Matt Damon.

The star has known his wealth of problems during his acting career, and shortly after making the movie “Pearl Harbor” in 2001, he checked himself into a private rehabilitation center in Malibu, California. His treatment inside the rehab was for alcohol abuse. According to Biography, the actor’s father was an alcoholic, and had announced through a spokesperson, that he wanted to live a fuller life and would do so without alcohol.

After Affleck’s stay in the Malibu, California rehab center, the sober star started a romance with Jennifer Lopez, which was referred to as, Bennifer by celebrity resources. After their relationship ended, Affleck’s career tanked, and it was reported by “The Daily Mail,” that the curse of Bennifer followed the star for a while.

Affleck’s movies, “Gigli” and “Jersey Girl,” turned out to be box-office misses, according to “The Daily Mail,” Affleck said that people outwardly felt he was not cool or talented anymore.

Just when the actor thought the curse of Bennifer could not get any worse, a comedian from New Jersey, Robert Wuhl, made fun of him in his comedy act. The comedy routine was shown on a United Airlines flight the star was on.

Affleck stated the comedian must have looked around and thought to himself, who is lower than him and who can he crap on? Affleck went on to say, the whole comedic act was about him, and it really does not get any worse than this. After the United Airlines incident, Affleck decided he wanted to take up directing because he wanted people to take him seriously. His plan became to work harder than everyone else.

Affleck’s co-star, in the box-office hit, “Daredevil,” Jennifer Garner walked into his life and from there, his career was reborn. The couple married in 2005 and had three children named Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

Since his marriage to Garner, Affleck has had recent box office hits like, “The Town,” in 2010, “Argo” in 2012, and “Gone Girl,” which came out in 2014. It seemed as though the star’s career and his promise to himself, to be a successful director, have come to fruition. Although his movie, “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” did not get great reviews, and was one of his box office misses, it was enough of a success worldwide, that a sequel has been planned for the future.

Garner and Affleck separated in June of 2015, and their divorce is said to be finalized soon. The couple is still friendly and they are maintaining their family relationship. In an HBO interview, he referred to Garner as his wife and it appears, according to Celebuzz that Affleck still has feelings that run deep for his soon to be ex-wife.

By Tracy Blake
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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