Apple Blocks Spotify From App Store

Apple Blocks Spotify From App Store



Recode reported Spotify, which is a company that streams music, stated that Apple is making it more challenging by blocking their new App from the iPhone 6. Spotify also said that it is more difficult for them to compete with the high-tech giant.

Spotify sent a letter to the innovation company’s attorneys. The letter claimed by the high-tech giant declining an update of their iOS App, they are creating momentous harm to them and their clientele.

In the letter, the music streaming company said Apple rejected a modernized version of their App because Spotify would not use the high-tech giant’s system for billing purposes if they were going to sell subscriptions and find new customers. Apple denied the iOS App, after citing rules for their business model.

Spotify’s general counsel Horacio Gutirrez sent the letter to Apple’s attorney, Bruce Sewell, on June 26, 2016. It also advises the music streaming company’s plans to use the stalemate as a tactic in its battle over the high-tech giant’s rules that govern its subscription service in its Apps store.

Spotify has scattered copies to a few Congressional members in Washington, D.C., such as Senator Elizabeth Warren, who stated Apple has squashed its competition in music by using its influence over the iOS for a long period of time. Warren attacked the high-tech giant in a speech, claiming technology companies like Amazon, Google, and Apple have grown too powerful.

In the past, Apple Inc. reported on April 28, 2003, the company introduced iPods. Then they introduced iTunes. On May 05, 2003 the company’s iTunes music store sold over one million songs in their first week. Nine days later, two million songs were downloaded on iTunes. On June 06, 2003, Apple unleashed the Power Mac G5, which the company claimed was the world’s fastest personal computer. Computer developers applaud the company’s personal computer. On September 09, 2003, iTunes sold 10 thousand songs.

“Macworld” stated, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced iTunes in January 2001. Less than a year later, the iPod was introduced by Apple. The iPod was stated by “Macworld” to be Apple’s blessing.

Business Insider reported that Spotify is accusing Apple of ill-treating its power. The letter also accused the high-tech company of using its iPod and iPhone App store platform as a defense mechanism to damage competitors, in the letter sent to the company.

The music streaming company has complained that Apple profits from the App store. Usually, the high-tech company receives a 30 percent cut from iPhone App transactions. However, they have also changed their schedules for fees faintly for services of subscriptions previously this year.

According to Apple’s billing system, Spotify would be required to pay the large corporation $3 per month whenever a customer paid $10 for a monthly subscription through the iPhone App. The music streaming company then raised their price, to subscribe to their App on an iPhone, to $13 per month.

Recently, the music streaming company attempted to persuade their users to sign up for their service without having to use the tech-giant’s App store. Spotify offered discounts for their clientele to sign up for their services instead. The letter said that the smaller company said the large computer company threatened to block Spotify’s App in their App store in response to the discount. Apple, which is in direct competition with Spotify, rejected a new version of the music streaming company’s App for iPhones and iPads.

John A. Federico
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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