Ticketmaster Settlement May Possibly Mean Free Tickets for Members

Ticketmaster Settlement May Possibly Mean Free Tickets for Members



Ticketmaster is giving out free and/or discounted vouchers to customers who purchased tickets between Oct. 21, 1999, and Feb. 27, 2013. According to CNN Money, this is the result of a 13-year-old lawsuit that claimed Ticketmaster never refunded order processing fees, forcing the company into a $42 million settlement.

It started back in 2003 when two men bought tickets to a Wilco and Bruce Springsteen concert. The two men discovered that Ticketmaster’s fees were too high and believed them to be misleading. The men filed a lawsuit against the company and eventually the lawsuit was granted class-action status.

Although Live Nation Entertainment, the company that owns Ticketmaster, denies all claims they reached a settlement in 2011, according to CNN Money. Some customers are excited Ticketmaster’s settlement may possibly mean free tickets for its members.

Unfortunately, many of Ticketmaster’s members are not quite sure on how they can redeem their free or discounted vouchers.

So how exactly does it work? The “NY Times” reported that anyone who purchased tickets in between the dates listed above will receive an email from Ticketmaster. The email will have a minimum of one free or discounted pass, up to a maximum of 17 free or discounted passes.

Customers must simply log into their accounts to see how many passes they were sent. According to the “NY Times,” there are only three types of passes available.

  1. $2.25 discount on any voucher
  2. $5.00 discount toward UPS delivery of vouchers
  3. Two Free vouchers for general admission seating at venues owned by Live Nation Entertainment.

Although Ticketmaster’s settlement may possibly mean free tickets for its members, there is still a catch. Besides discounted codes being given out on a first-come, first served basis, Ticketmaster also set guidelines that will only qualify specific events for the free passes and vouchers.

The company is required to shell out $42 million in tickets over the next four years and no less than $10.5 million each year. However, according to the “NY Times,” Ticketmaster has already sent out $386 million worth of discounted codes to 57 million people.

So what does that mean? The “NY Times” stated that due to the number of discounted codes sent out many people will not be able to redeem their discounts or free passes. Members are already having issues with redemption. While trying to redeem tickets to concerts that took place Tuesday, June 21, 2016, customers received error messages.

But it is not all error messages and unredeemed discounts for those who are able to use their codes or vouchers and have more than one, they can use them all at the same time if they wish. The $2.25 codes can be used toward any Ticketmaster event, unlike the free passes. In addition, all codes can be combined to receive a larger discount on one event.

Ticketmaster has set up a webpage so members can see which events are available for discounted codes and free passes. So far, over 430 events are eligible between now and Oct. 29, 2016. Some of the events eligible for discounts or free passes will feature Snoop Dogg, Bob Dylan, and Weezer; to name a few.

Although, Ticketmaster’s lawsuit may possibly mean free tickets for its members, Ticketmaster does not count on this happening again. The company has changed its policy regarding its fees and charges. According to the “NY Times,” the Ticketmaster website now has more transparent rules detailing their fees.

By: Angela Rightout
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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