The Pulse Nightclub Hit by Tragedy 50 Dead and 53 Injured

The Pulse Nightclub Hit by Tragedy 50 Dead and 53 Injured


The Pulse

The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida was the center of another gunman’s wrath this morning, June 12, 2012, when he opened fired inside the club around 2:00 a.m. EDT, leaving 50 people dead and around 53 people injured and transported to the local hospitals for medical treatment. Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer has asked Governor Rick Scott to declare a state of emergency after the attacks.

The gunman, who is considered to have possible ties to terrorism, was in a shootout with the police. He then retreated into The Pulse nightclub, according to WGN. The Chief of Police John Mina stated that it then turned into a hostage situation. The police started to receive calls from inside the club, from the people who said they were being held hostage.

The police made the decision to storm the Pulse club with an armored vehicle. The Chief of Police Mina told reporters, that is when the shooter was shot and killed at around 5:00 A.M. EDT. In the aftermath of this tragic event, club-goers could be seen carrying out the injured people. One officer was injured, and a bullet hit his helmet, which ultimately saved his life.

The Pulse is considered to be the hottest gay bar in the city of Orlando, Florida, and there were more than 300 people inside the club when the shooting began. Fox News reported that the identity of the suspect was not immediately released due to his possible affiliation with the radical Islam. It was also stated by FBI agent in charge, Ron Harper that there are allegations in which the suspect has made threats in the past that have possible ties to terrorist organizations.

The suspect was identified as Omar Mateen age 29. Mateen was a U.S. citizen and lived in Fort Pierce, Florida. He was native-born to the U.S., and his parents are of Afghan nationality. Fox News also reported that they were Muslim. It was reported that the shooter was trained in the use of weapons but is unclear on what type of weapons training he has had. Mateen was armed with an assault rifle, as well as a handgun, according to Fox News.

This is an ongoing story, and The Public Slate will continue to provide updates as they become available.

Written by Tracy Blake
Edited by Cathy Milne


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