‘The Bachelorette’ Show’s Johnson Compared to Trump

‘The Bachelorette’ Show’s Johnson Compared to Trump


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“The Bachelorette” show’s newest villain, Chad Johnson, has taken over the series, which can be compared to the way Donald Trump has hijacked the 2016 Presidential campaign. The similarities between Trump’s campaign and “The Bachelorette” are uncanny because Johnson uses the same antics as Trump to control the flow of media and the attention of the other participants throughout the show.

Both Johnson and Trump have been successful through the powers of persuasion and the references to the idea of a man’s man. This includes sexist and bullying-like behaviors and beliefs which go back to the time when white men were the only population in the United States able to enjoy the freedoms and rights everyone values today. “The Bachelorette” has been known to accept these types of behaviors and viewpoints because they are in line with the viewpoints of mainstream America.

The entire concept of “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” focuses on promoting the idea of couples marrying young again. In the modern world, people are getting married older and older, which has also lead to people having fewer children since they are starting later in life. In the past, it was common to marry right out of high school or college, but today, people are waiting until their 30’s. It seems odd to put an individual on the spot to promise to marry the winner of the show.

In the past, “Love Connection” allowed contestants to go out on a date paid for by the program, but they never made it a requirement to get married. “The Bachelorette” focuses more on how the contestants work to undermine the success of the other contestants. Additionally, “The Bachelorette” places too much value on the exterior characteristics of a possible winner, which undermines the contestants who are nice and caring people, but not drop dead gorgeous.

“Vulture” explains, Johnson uses insults toward his competition as persuasive tactics to get “The Bachelorette,” JoJo Fletcher to accept the flaws he is identifying. This is similar to Trump because he uses the same tactics of insults and fallacies to discredit his competition, without ever having to apologize for his crudeness and obvious biases.

What is interesting is Fletcher does not seem to agree Johnson is a villain. This can also be compared to Trump because this man has said some unmentionable statements through mass media, yet he was still able to beat out all of his conservative opponents.

“The Bachelorette” is similar to other reality television programs because it uses conflict to drive ratings.  What is interesting, is both Johnson and Trump seem to embody the worst description of what a man should be, but the popularity of their actions and beliefs makes it obvious these people are speaking to a deeply rooted sentiment, which feels white men are superior, and everyone else should just accept it. This is also relevant to “The Bachelorette” program because there have been issues raised about the fact there has never been a minority chosen as the decision maker on “The Bachelor,” or “The Bachelorette.” Similar to the “Oscar’s” over the past two years, “The Bachelorette” attempts to reconcile their blatant biases as unintentional oversights.

According to the “Inquisitor,” “The Bachelorette” show’s Johnson can be compared to Trump,  because he is prepared to do whatever it takes to make the most out of his experience. For example, Johnson has taken his antics to a new level by purchasing the domains including the names of four other contestants.

Derek Peth, Chase McNary, Robby Hayes, and Alex Woutkiw are all unable to purchase the domains, because Johnson paid for them, and then linked the domains to redirect the traffic to his Instagram page. There is nothing illegal about Johnson’s actions, but it is definitely unethical. At the same time, it was quite smart of Johnson to think to purchase the domains, because as a real estate agent it is important for him to continue to expand his social network.

“The Bachelorette” show’s Johnson can be compared to Trump because he is also willing to do anything to beat his opponents. Whenever Trump is asked any question about his beliefs or viewpoints towards relevant issues for a presidential candidate, he simply states his answer is the best answer, and he would do it better than anyone else. These vague answers feed right into the conservative viewpoint because he is just giving them hope that he will do the best job, even though he never proves his answers or methods would be the best answer. “The Bachelorette” uses different individuals to drive the conflict and attraction on the program, which continues to make the show popular year after year.

“People” reports, on “The Bachelorette,” there is footage showing Johnson pumping iron while threatening other contestants. Johnson goes as far as stating, “I’m gonna cut everyone here’s legs off and arms off” and “I will physically hurt you.”

Once again, this goes back to Johnson embodying a more traditional role of a man, which was crude, sexist, and violent when necessary or unnecessary depending on the man. This has led to “The Bachelorette” show adding security to the mansion, which confused Fletcher. This confusion goes back to Fletcher turning a blind eye to the unhealthy actions of Johnson, similar to the blind eye the United States is taking toward Trump.

In conclusion, “The Bachelorette” show’s newest villain, has taken over the show because he continues to add suspense, drama, and conflict. Johnson continues to spend his time in the limelight taking up as much of the attention as possible. Once again, this is similar to Trump, because he has run his campaign as if he was still working on his reality television show. Who knows if both Johnson and Trump are truly embodying these personas as a tactic, or are they really as bad as they seem? “The Bachelorette” needs to look at the message they are spreading through their show, and take into consideration how these viewpoints are affecting the American population as a whole.

Opinion by Kristina Lasher
Edited by Cathy Milne


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