Suspected Drug Motivated Shooting Kills 3 in Detroit

Suspected Drug Motivated Shooting Kills 3 in Detroit



A suspected drug motivated shooting has cost 3 people their lives in West Detroit on Monday morning, June 6, 2016. The shooting occurred in the 6500 Block in Brace Street close to Warren Avenue and the Southfield Freeway. The exact time of the shooting is not known, but neighbors heard shots at a house in West Detroit early in the morning.

Police, who arrived on the scene of murder, found 2 bodies in the house and one outside on the drive way. The identity of the victims has not yet been released but they are all males in either their teens or early 20s.

The location of the fatal shooting is a well known narcotics area. According to Detroit Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt, police have raided the area twice in the past month.

Information on the identity of the assailants is still very scanty and the police do not know the exact number of the suspects they are looking for. The motive of the shooting is not yet known at this stage.Police reports also said there were signs of forced entry in the basement and a casing from an automatic handgun which may have been the weapon used to commit the fatal shooting.

More updates are going to follow as more information become available

By Tinyiko Chauke


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