Sexual Predators and Gender Neutral Bathrooms

Sexual Predators and Gender Neutral Bathrooms


Sexual PredatorsAs people are scrolling through social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, a new topic catches the attention of people around the country and the world. The current topic is gender neutral bathrooms and whether the opposite sex should be allowed into the bathroom they feel most comfortable using. What is the controversy? Why is this such a trending conversation?

People of the LGBTQ community believe that they should not be discriminated against, and they should be given the opportunity to use whatever bathroom they most relate to. In the meantime, there are mothers and fathers across the world who believe that sexual offenders could use this as an opportunity to hurt and rape their children.

The real question is: “Why has this topic even arose?” Those who are not, in fact, a transgender person themselves, living a life different from the gender one was born with, cannot logically understand the state of mind of the one who has.

After all, there are laws of protection in place that would allow one to change their sex. Also, if someone looks like and is a woman, whether they were born that way or not, what is preventing them from going to a woman’s bathroom? I believe that a transgender person wanting to use a bathroom with the sex that they most relate to is a reasonable request. Every member of the LGBTQ community should be treated the same way, and public places should be making an effort to build gender neutral bathrooms to accommodate everyone. However, this in itself, could draw unwanted attention to the transgender population when they are trying to live normal lives.

Ii is, in fact, possible that sexual predators would take this opportunity to target the children and women in their society. There would be no reason to prevent them from going into a bathroom with them. Sexual predators are just that, predators. We should not even open that door. We should as a country support each other, and not make an issue out of a non issue. Instead lets focusing on actual problems in society today, such as Child Abuse. Let’s not focus on making a non issue a huge issue. Lets stick together as a country and help our people, instead of ostracizing.

Written by Rebecca Panning