Possible Shooter Temporarily Shuts Down Army Facility in California

Possible Shooter Temporarily Shuts Down Army Facility in California



ABC News reports in Northern California there was a lockdown order at the United States Army Reserve facility on June 21, 2016. However, the order to shelter-in-place was lifted after the authorities did not find anything suspicious. The lockdown followed reports of a possible shooter on the campus.

After the training center was searched, a representative from the Alameda County Sheriff’s office stated the reports were unfounded. There were early reports of a shooter at the camp. However, Sheriff Ray Kelly stated no one was located.

The center is in Dublin, California. The Camp Park Reserve Forces Training Area is a partially active preparation and deployment center that services personnel from the Army Reserve. Currently, the facility is being used for summer school courses.

Ray Pauly stated there were no gunshots that could be heard from his house. However, he did see authorities strategically searching for something on the street outside of his home. Pauly’s window overlooks the training center. He recalled hearing a huge siren stating that everybody should go back into their houses.

By John A. Federico
Edited by Cathy Milne


ABC News: US Army Facility Cleared, Report of Gunman ‘Unfounded’

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