Non-Fatal Shooting at Baltimore Church Funeral

Non-Fatal Shooting at Baltimore Church Funeral



There was a shooting June 7, 2016, at the New Song Worship and Arts Center in Baltimore. Law enforcement in Baltimore is investigating the shooting which was of a non-fatal nature, as reported by WBAL-TV 11.

The shooting took place at, the 1600 block of North Calhoun Street. The senior pastor of the church, Dr. Louis Wilson has yet to make a statement of what has happened at his church.

The church is known as the community’s church. The incident took place because of a father, age 47, and son, age 26, argument, over one of them not being recognized in an obituary of the person for whom they were there to say goodbye too. Police director of the Baltimore Task Enforcement, T.J. Smith stated:

I really can’t even describe how unnecessary and senseless this situation is. That’s supposed to be a celebration of life for someone, (but it) turns into a violent act.

As it is reported by law enforcement to the public, the Baltimore Police are currently in full force with their command staff at the scene.

There is no further information at this time. The Public Slate will provide updates as they come in.

By Tracy Blake
Edited Cathy Milne


WBALTV 11: Police: Man shoots father at Baltimore church Shooting took place during repast at New Song Worship and Arts Center

Image Courtesy of Elliot Plack’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License