Jo Cox Was a Conservative Member of Parliament

Jo Cox Was a Conservative Member of Parliament



Jo Cox, a 41-year-old British politician, died after being shot and stabbed, on June 16, 2016. The attack took place on Market Street in Birstall, at around 1:00 p.m. BST, which is north of England. It was stated by CNN World News, that these type of political attacks are a rare occurrence. Also attacked, was a 77-year-old man, who was nearby. This man has yet to be identified but his wounds were not life-threatening.

Cox was attacked after she had finished a public meeting with her constituents. She left the meeting by herself and was then attacked by a 52-year-old man named Thomas Mair. Currently, Mair is refusing to speak. Officials are speculating as to why the man targeted Cox. They are also investigating whether it was a political attack or a random attack.

As reported by ABC News, Mair has a previous record of murder, grievous bodily harm, and possession of a firearm with the intent to commit a chargeable offence. It has also been said that the case is currently being tried under the terrorism protocol.

Cox is the first British lawmaker to have been killed in office since the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP), Ian Gow, was assassinated in a 1990, car bombing, by the Irish Republican Party (IRA). It is reported by CNN World News that, Cox had been a rising star of the opposition Labour Party. Cox was also known as a former humanitarian worker, as well as for her work on Syria-related issues.

It was reported by Vox World that, the murder of Cox has affected Britain deeply, further saying that the death of the Labour Member of Parliament’s fellow politician’s responses have been greatly dignified and avoided making her death public.

On Thursday, June 23, the in/out referendum on Britain’s membership of the Europian Union (EU), will be voting on the matter of Brexit. The term Brexit is a portmanteau of the words, Britain and exit, referring to the ideology of Britain leaving the EU. It is also reported to be a historic event in Britain. Eurosceptics argue that the referendum is a historic time to take control back of Britain’s borders so they can curb immigration.

It is said by Express, that the loss of British sovereignty is a fundamental reason for Brexit, and that oppression towards the EU’s unity has been apparent since they have joined the European Economic Community (EEC). As reported by Vox World, Cox was a prominent campaigner for the remaining in the EU and a conservative member of the parliament.

One of her last tweets showed her with her husband and children in a fake Battle of the Thames on the pro-euro side, which means to leave the EU the way it is. Whereas the eurosceptic side, meaning to leave the EU side of the campaign. The underlining message of a not so subtle racist slant, staying in the EU means Britain will be engulfed by unclean hordes of people with brown skin who are immigrants.

The Prime Minister (PM), David Cameron, is quoted as saying, that there are people on the planet alive today because of Cox. According to Vox World, the PM, Cameron, is being speculated by British politicians as being directly responsible for Cox’s murder. However, this has yet reached the public’s ears. The reason behind the speculation has remained hidden from the public, because Cox’s death has come a week before the British voters will decide whether Britain should stay an EU, or not.

By Tracy Blake
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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