ISIS Announces Florida Attack Three Days Prior to Shooting

ISIS Announces Florida Attack Three Days Prior to Shooting



ISIS declared they would be attacking Florida three days prior to the shooting at The Pulse Orlando, a popular LGBT nightclub, on Sunday morning, June 12, 2016, according to Red Flag News.

ISIS released a statement about their plan to attack Florida and released the names of the individuals that they were planning to kill. The hit-list included over 8,000 people. There are over 600 plus people that reside in Florida on the list. A security expert stated he believed most of the people who were targeted lived in the Palm Beach County area and near the Treasure Coast.

The United Cyber Caliphate (UCC), that hacked over 54,000 Twitter accounts and also threatened the President Obama are possibly members of the same pro-ISIS group that allegedly created the hit-list. The list included the names, emails, and addresses of thousands of people.

Red Flag News reported, the hit-list came to fruition on the internet after Vocativ reported the list was shared through an encrypted App. People were also notified by telegram, which called on those who support the group to kill the listed people.

Stuart Kaplan, a Former FBI agent who recently became a lawyer, stated that the threat was extremely alarming. Reason being, the names on the hit-list are civilians that do not have the means nor the security to protect themselves if the need should arise.

Written by Brandy Combs
Edited by Jeanette Smith


Red Flag News: ISIS Announced “We Will Attack Florida”

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