Glenn Beck Advocates the Removal of Trump, if Elected

Glenn Beck Advocates the Removal of Trump, if Elected


Beck“Salon” reported, Glenn Beck’s Radio Program was suspended from Sirius XM Simulcast after Beck described the election of Donald Trump as a “possible extinction-level event for capitalism.” Additionally, Beck’s guest, Brad Thor, suggested a patriot would need to step up and remove Trump from office, because Thor believes Trump will temporarily suspend the United States Constitution to be able to run the country as he saw fit. Thor even went as far as to claim Trump as a danger to America. Beck did advocate for the removal of Trump if elected.

It is believed that Beck’s show was suspended because he agreed with Thor, and then proceeded to clarify he believed the “economy would reset and decline even if Jesus was in office.” The fact that Beck did not clarify the statement of Thor referencing the removal of Trump if elected, made it seem that the reference to take Trump out of office could be viewed as a threat of a possible attack on the presidential candidate’s life. At the same time, Thor was also clear that the current Congress would never be able to come together to remove Trump, so he was calling on his fellow Americans to remove the danger on their own.

“The Blaze” declares Beck’s show was back on Sirius XM one week after the controversial comments, after both Thor and Beck worked to clear up the confusion. This was achieved by focusing on the reality there was never any support for an assassination attempt if Trump was elected in November 2016. Beck also made it important to point out the fact the story stating the controversy was first released by a publication well known for being at odds with him. Additionally, it is also clear the possibility of a threat on Trump’s life can only help his campaign and popularity within the conservative American population.

“The Dallas Morning News” explains the suspension of Beck may have been a stunt to save face in the light of two popular conservative entertainers claiming the final 2016 Republican candidate would need to be removed from office if elected. This is due to the fact that the suspension came during the same week Beck had scheduled as a vacation for quite some time. It is clear, both Beck and Thor advocate Trump would need to be removed if elected, but the question is, did they go too far with their comments?

Beck and Thor clarified their controversial comments by reiterating the fact the current Congress would not have a legal means to remove Trump if elected, but apologized for hinting at the notion of people taking illegal means to remove the hypothetical next president. All this controversy proves, is the split nature of the conservative population within the United States. Popular conservatives are still at odds as to whether or not to endorse, or alienate Trump, which continues to keep the upcoming 2016 Republican Convention suspenseful.

Some Americans view trump favorably, while others view him as a danger to the multicultural American society. At the same time there is a large part of American society, which is attracted to the campaign Trump has been running. It is the reality, the conservative candidate spouting the most racist, sexist, and hypocritical ideas has become the Republican candidate with relatively no interference from other possible candidates. It is clear he has won by a landslide on the conservative side of politics, but it is still unclear how his ideals and sentiment will play to the general population.

Beck may have advocated for the removal of Trump if elected, but this statement was a plea to the American public to make the right decision in November and no way a threat on the life of the presidential candidate. The 2016 presidential campaign has been quite unique because there have never been candidates who were viewed this unfavorably. Between Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, there is no clear winner, but if the conservatives cannot rally behind the candidate chosen through the primary process, it is difficult to see how he will ever be able to win the general election in November.

By Kristina Lasher


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  1. I support Glenn Beck. Trump’s emotional loonyness, fanatic followers, racism, bigotry, predilection for violence and terrorism means that Donald Drumpf cannot become president of a superpower. Sorry to the white trash masses. It must be stopped by any means necessary!