Donald Trump Trails Behind Hillary Clinton in Latest Polls

Donald Trump Trails Behind Hillary Clinton in Latest Polls


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July has not been the greatest month for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. “The Huffington Post” reported that two new polls released on Sunday, June 26, 2016, stated that Trump is significantly trailing behind Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, as a result of his latest controversial remarks.

According to “The Huffington Post,” an ABC/Washington Post poll showed that the New York businessman is behind Clinton by 12 points. This means that 51 percent of voters said they will vote for Clinton and only 39 percent said they will vote for Trump. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll, also released on Sunday, June 26, 2016, finds that the real estate mogul is behind five points, meaning Clinton carries 46 percent of the voters and Trump only has 41 percent.

This is a notable difference since last month’s polls. According to the ABC/Washington Post poll, the latest results showed a 14 point dip since last month, losing seven points while Clinton has gained seven. Last month, Trump had 46 percent of the voters to Clinton’s 44 percent. However, the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll stated that he only had a two point decline since last month’s results and Clinton’s points have remained the same.

The real estate mogul trails behind Clinton in the latest polls because of the recent criticism he has received regarding several controversial remarks he has made in the last month. According to the “The Huffington Post,” the mogul accused Gonzalo Curiel, the judge who is overlooking the fraud case at Trump University, of being biased due to his Mexican ancestry.

The media further criticized Trump for his comments regarding the Orlando shooting in early June. The public and media felt the businessman’s remarks were egocentric and hostile.

Trump Vs Clinton: Where Do the Results Come From?

The Abc/Washington Post poll interviewed 836 registered voters through live telephone calls from June 20- 23. The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll interviewed 1000 registered voters through live telephone calls from June 19- 23.

According to “The NY Daily News,” the poll also affirms that Trump trails behind Clinton in the latest polls because voters are outraged by his behavior. A whopping 66 percent of all voters said his revilement against muslims, women and minorities are discriminatory and unethical. Furthermore, 65 percent of voters believe Trump’s attacks on Curiel were racist.

Democrats are not the only ones muddled by the Republican presidential candidate’s statements. The same ABC/Washington Post poll reported that republicans were also outraged at Trump. The results stated that 39 percent of Republicans said that his comments were racist and they believe he should be condemned by the Republican Party leaders for his latest remarks.

Controversy Between Trump and Judge Curiel

Curiel was called a “hater” by Trump regarding two lawsuits the judge was governing. Trump questioned the judge’s ability to fairly oversee lawsuits against Trump University, an online school in San Diego. The lawsuits claimed that the university was responsible for defrauding their students. Trump stated that because of his campaign stance against illegal immigrants and plans for building a wall on the southern border, Curiel was not capable of presiding over these cases because of his Mexican ancestry.

Additionally, “The Wall Street Journal” reported that Trump believes that Curiel was an unfit judge for the lawsuits because he was a former friend and colleague to the plaintiffs’ lawyers. The two had previously worked together as prosecutors, however, the plaintiffs’ lawyers claimed they have never seen Curiel socially.

According to “The Wall Street Journal,” an assistant in Curiel’s chambers said that Curiel will not be commenting on Trump’s remarks. The judicial code of conduct restricts him from commenting, reported “The Wall Street Journal.”

By Angela Rightout
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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