Christina Grimmie Killed by Man Who Was Infatuated With Her

Christina Grimmie Killed by Man Who Was Infatuated With Her


GrimmieChristina Grimmie’s killer thought that she was his soulmate according to the “Orlando Sentinel.” Kevin Loibl, Grimmie’s murderer, had never met the singer before the deadly day that he ended her life. Police released the details from their investigation on June 22, 2016.

Grimmie was a contestant on “The Voice” when Loibl became obsessed with her. According to the statement, his friends gave to the police, he regularly watched her videos and followed her social media accounts. He believed that he saw God in her, and she changed him.

Loibl is a 27-year-old St. Petersburg resident, began making physical changes to appeal to the singer. Due to his infatuation, he chose to undergo LASIK eye surgery, whiten his teeth and hair plugs. He also became vegan and lost 50 lbs in his effort to appeal to Grimmie.

When his friends noticed his feelings for Grimmie were not normal they attempted to reason with Loibl. According to the police report, he became defensive when friends presented the idea that Grimmie would not return his feelings. Loibl did not want to consider the thought that Grimmie would reject him.

The Orlando Police have concluded their investigation into the pop star’s murder and released the information they believe is relevant. June 10, 2016, Loibl went to The Plaza Live where the Grimmie was for a publicity event. He shot the singer four times at close range before taking his life.

Written by Gichele Cocrelle
Cathy Milne


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