Apple Presented New Software

Apple Presented New Software



Apple presented new software on June 14, 2016, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The brand has not introduced any major changes since the iOS 7, the public’s expectations were high.

Apple announced the release of the new iDevice software; iOS 10. The vice president of the company, Craig Federighi, has considered it to be the greatest launch of software for iDevices in history. The useful changes that iOS 10 will bring, in comparison to iOS 9, target some features that needed upgrades.

The notifications function will allow for better interaction with app notifications, even from the lock screen. The new software will also present the clear all option that Android users have had for years. Moreover, all the native apps from Apple will have widgets available, which means that they will not be easily accessible from just anywhere anymore.

The Siri feature will be upgraded too in Apple’s new software. Users will be able to send messages using third-party apps or make calls using voice controls. The photo app will be updated, so that a Memories tab will automatically recognize and pick out photos to make videos or slideshows from a certain trip or event.

One of the biggest changes that iOS 10 will offer has to do with the iMessage function. Apple users will be able to send messages loaded with new emojis and gifs; handwritten notes; and balloon animations. Apple’s chat service will become a fully developed messaging platform meant to be used, not just because it is there, but because iPhone owners want to use it.

The Clock, News and Notes apps will be redesigned to add schedules or to select relevant topics for each user. This addition will allow Apple to compete with similar apps like Google Keep or Evernote. iOS 10 will give a facelift to the Music feature while Apple Maps will become a stronger rival to Google Maps. iPhone or iPad owners will have the capability to employ third-party apps without leaving Maps or to determine their arrival hour, according to any stops for eating or shopping.

The iOS 10 will offer some new features that were anticipated. For example, users will not miss their notifications anymore when lifting the iPhone because it will wake up by itself, making it unnecessary to press the button, which may trigger the screen to unlock with Touch ID. Besides all of these, Apple will introduce the 3D Touch that will fundamentally change the way users interact with the device.

Apple iOS 10 will be available September 2016, its release is scheduled to coincide with the iPhone 7 launch. To get familiar with the updates, users can access a beta version of the software through the Apple Developer Program or in the Apple Beta Software Program, starting in July 2016.

WatchOS 3 Also Presented During WWDC

During the 2016 WWDC, Apple also presented the new software for iWatches. WatchOS 3 was compared to its previous version that was a slower, unfriendly system.

The new software, which will be launched in the fall, includes upgraded features and new functions. The WatchOS 3 focuses on the things users have stated they care about and it runs the apps faster. iWatch will finally include, the asked for social component and a more interactive interface, which will allow users to enjoy the devices their own way.

By Bianca-Ramona Dumitru
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