3 Cops Injured During Fremont Traffic Stop

3 Cops Injured During Fremont Traffic Stop


copsOn June 1, 2016, at approximately 1:33 PM PST, three police officers were injured during a traffic-stop in Fremont, California. The incident originally occurred between Fremont Boulevard and Irvington Avenue. It was unconfirmed if there was one suspect or more. Two shots were heard by local residents shortly before a six-foot Hispanic male was seen fleeing the scene by foot. It is unknown if the suspect is still armed, says ABC.

According to KRON4, Geneva Bosques, a Fremont Police Officer, announced; “Once the suspect reversed his car into the first cop, at least one shot confirmed to have struck the second cop before the suspect fled on foot. The perpetrator was tracked and found ten minutes from the scene on Roberts Avenue, where he shot a second police officer.”

copsThe Fremont Police Department has enforced a strict, city-wide, curfew. Police officials warned the public to stay indoors and not approach any police-blocked area. Police, moreover, asked the public not approach officers on the street while the manhunt continues. The perpetrator is still on-the-run and is considered to be extremely dangerous. Thus far, during the Fremont traffic stop the suspect has injured a total of three law enforcement officers.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Department will be looking over and handling all information in regards to the Fremont, California traffic stop case that injured three officers. Two officers that were injured are reported to be recovering well while a third remains in critical condition.

By Jhayla D. Tyson

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