Wildfire Causes Evacuations at McMurray Employee Camps

Wildfire Causes Evacuations at McMurray Employee Camps



In Alberta Canada, the Oilsands Camps have been forced to evacuate 8,000 employees due to a raging wildfire according to CBC News May 17, 2016. A wildfire also struck earlier in the month that also forced all workers to leave it was 54 km north of Fort McMurray.

The fire was at the speed of at 30 to 40 meters per min. The fire was heading north toward Tower Road on the west edge of the camp at 2:30 p.m. MDT, according to the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

At first, expected evacuations were only supposed to affect 4,000 employees but that number doubled as the fire escalated.the following camps were evacuated Monday night.

  • Syncrude Facilities South of Fort MacKay
  • Suncor Facilities South of Fort MacKay
  • Millennium
  • Borealis
  • Hudson
  • Ruth Lake
  • Mildred Lake
  • West Ells
  • Baseline
  • MacKay River

Fort McKay was not one that was evacuated. Premier Rachel Notley that the fire was burning Northwest of McMurray she also stated 200 firefighters were on the scene. There were  300 people, who are utility workers working to restore services in the city gathered at MacDonald Island Park for safety. Another 300 were either taken to safety or to the hospital.

Witnesses say the sky was a “bright orange” at 2 p.m. then turned dark gray an hour later. At 4:30, they were given orders to evacuate. workers are anxious to return back to work.

By Brandy Combs


CBC News: Growing Wildfire Forces Evacuation of Fort Mcmurray Oilsands

Image Courtesy of U.S Fish and Wildlife Services’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License