Trump and Sanders Win in West Virginia and the GOP in Nebraska...

Trump and Sanders Win in West Virginia and the GOP in Nebraska Primaries



Two primaries were scheduled for May 10, 2016, and these took place in West Virginia and Nebraska. Both Democratic and Republican voters selected their choice for the nominee in West Virginia, whereas, in Nebraska only the GOP voters went to the polls. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders were victorious in their respective contests.

While Trump is the presumptive nominee, there were still those who voted for Cruz and Kasich in each of the primaries. The candidates share delegates in proportion to their respective votes tallies. For the Democrats, Sanders and Clinton competed for 37 and the Republicans competed for 34 delegates.

Trump handily won West Virginia scoring 77 percent, Ted Cruz coming in second with only 9 percent, and John Kasich garnered 7. In Nebraska, Trump scored 51 percent, Cruz grabbed 19, and Kasich came in third with 11 percent of the voters support.

The Democrats in West Virginia chose Sanders as the winner of the primary. His supporters decidedly let him know his campaign was not in vain. Sanders beat Clinton 71 to 36 percent. The Democratic primary in Nebraska was held on March 5, Sanders won.

Last week, May 3, Indiana held its primary. Clinton lost to Sanders. She secured 48 to his 53 percent.

Next week, May 17, the Democrats are scheduled to hold their primary in Kentucky, and each party will fight for votes in Oregon.

Sanders’ campaign is primed for winning in Oregon and perhaps in Kentucky. His supporters in California have been active in getting the word out. They are determined to take Sanders all the way to the convention in July. The Vermont senator told NPR, he and his team will continue to fight for votes in all of the upcoming primaries.

Clinton has been actively stating that Sanders should suspend his campaign, his response to Clinton has been clear. Sanders has repeatedly proclaimed that he would continue campaigning against the frontrunner until the last vote is counted.

There has been much speculation about who Clinton or Sanders might choose to share the presidential ticket as the vice presidential candidate. However, there have been none named by the candidates.

Conversely, according to MSNBC, Trump announced that he had at least five people in mind. He explained, there was “probably a 40 percent chance that he would choose one of his former rivals as his vice presidential running mate.”

Meanwhile, other political figures also responded to rumors that they could be feasible options. Susana Martinez the New Mexico Governor’s name had been mentioned as a good choice. She would enable Trump to “bridge the gap with Latino voters.” Unfortunately, Martinez has clearly stated she in not interested in running for the vice president on Trump’s ticket.

The ever consummate sales person, Trump had even mentioned that Marco Rubio was in line as a consideration. This is despite the horrendous barbs the two threw at one another when Rubio was still campaigning for the nomination.

Rubio has made it clear he will not entertain the idea of being the vice presidential candidate on Trump’s ticket. He also stated he had not changed his mind about the reservations he has about Trump as a the Republican representative for the GOP in the fight for the White House in Washington, D.C. Instead, he adamantly claims he will focus on his constituents in Florida and continue to represent them in the senate.

Republicans will converge on Cleveland, Ohio, for their convention that is scheduled to take place between July 18-21. Also, in July, the Democrats will meet between the 25-28 in Philidelphia.

By Cathy Milne


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