Talk Like Yoda Day Is a Fun Yet Relatively Unknown Holiday

Talk Like Yoda Day Is a Fun Yet Relatively Unknown Holiday [Video]



Every day on the calendar often lists various holidays. Some are well known, Easter and Christmas, for example. Many are followed by select groups. International Talk Like Yoda Day is observed on May 21. The Timeanddate website explained it as the day to honor the “Star Wars” Jedi Master, Yoda. Those who speak using the vernacular of the mythical character use phrases that would cause any grammar teacher to cringe.

Sentences such as: celebrate the anniversary of the release of “Star Wars,” could be, of the release of “Star Wars” celebrate the anniversary, hmmm? Jay Bustdecker of the Orlando Sentinel created a video with examples of famous sentences spoken using Yoda-Speak. His video was entertaining, although he stated he did not do a good impression of the character.

The international icon, 600-year-old Yoda, was introduced viewers to in 1980 when George Lucas’ film “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” premiered. IMDb has a biography page for the character. It was constructed by its readers, yet it is fascinating that Yoda has a biography page.

The Jedi warrior spoke using the object of the sentence first, the subject next, which was followed by the verb, also known as an inverted sentence. There is some research that indicates that human languages evolved from this over the last 50,000 years. Object, subject, verb order is similar to the way children learn to talk. This speech pattern can abe found in over half of the 2,000 languages used in the modern world. However, there is no explanation why English and other languages changed how the order of language evolved when others did not.

Why do fans observe the relatively known holiday that is affectionately known as a fun day set aside to talk like Yoda? The perspective varies depending on whether a person is a fan of Yoda’s, a “Star Wars” aficionado or simply someone who enjoys celebrating unique days. In the words of a “Tampa Bay Times” writer, Steve Spears, “Like Yoda talk on May 21, you must.”

Frank Oz was the man and the voice behind the green pointy eared puppet. Oz was also the voice behind many of Jim Henson’s Muppets, on “Sesame Street” he was Grover, Cookie Monster and Bert; of Bert and Ernie.

Yoda was modeled after his designer, Stuart Freeborn, and Albert Einstein. Screen Rant reported that Freeborn used his own appearance for the design, he used his bald head and chin and applied that look for Yoda. He added Einstein’s mustache, which he did to “give the subconscious association” with the genius’s intelligence. Overall, he wanted viewers to look at the Jedi Master as intelligent before he spoke.

Grammarly’s blog described Yoda as “the world’s most beloved warrior-monk-philosopher alien.” There are tools that will assist those who want to use the inverted sentence format to celebrate the character. One is the Yoda-Speak Generator. It is not affiliated with the “Star Wars Saga” creators but fun nonetheless. Some of the favorites listed are:

  • “Your pen, have I. To get it back, have to do everything I tell you, you will.
  • “Given to you will your next clue be when the time is right, for wait patiently, now you must. With you, young Jedi may the force be.”
  • “To be feared, nothing in life is. Only to be understood, it is. Yeesssssss.”
  • “Your age how about trying to act, and your shoe size not, hmm? Yes, hmmm.”
  • “Mightier than the sword, the pen is. Yeesssssss.”
  • “Fun yet relatively unknown holiday, talk like Yoda day is.”

By Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of Michael Li’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License


  1. The international icon, 600-year-old Yoda, was introduced viewers to in 1980 when George Lucas’ film “Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace” premiered.

    Um, no? Can’t even get this right? Shameful.