Life Lessons Never End

Life Lessons Never End



In many ways, life teaches lessons with each and every step one may take. People have learned that with every action, a reaction must take place. Overall, people believe life teaches them many things, yet so much is still left to be discovered.

Life changes a person’s way of thinking; it can lead one down a decent path to a good life. However, over time, people have learned that life can bring people together in harmony and in the most colorful ways possible. It can simply be viewed as a way to create memories. It can even help one to gain enough strength to emit such a force that they can vanquish all signs of value in one’s worth.

People have become so fascinated with life, they have searched for any vital spark on distant planets across the galaxy. It is certain that life’s existence can reach farther than the eye can see; more than the mind can wander. There are many questions that have yet to be fully answered, such as: “Are humans really alone in this universe?” “Is there an existence beyond planet Earth?” “Are there other versions of people here in parallel galaxies?” These types of questions could not be answered if a person did not take the time to ask them.

Life is all about information, shared with another person. It is something which many people may not value sufficiently for many reasons. People must have their minds set on something which will guide them in their daily lives. Anyone can say that they wish for a change to occur, but change must happen on the inside to learn that things are not always going to be the way they once were as children. Taking time in one’s daily life to interact with people can help to shape the way one wants their life to continue. Nobody can make a better change in life more than that person. Life begins with the individual and as such, all that is needed is to believe one can have a great life whether it would be alone or with a life-long partner. One must never forget their past or what happened in their past life, in order to prevent the same tragedies from occurring again.

Anything from people, animals, objects, fairy tales, real life events, religion, music, pop culture, etc. they are all factors which have changed someone’s perspective in the present time. These are the things that when included with personal experiences build character through time.

Experience can change someone’s point-of-view dramatically, depending on how one controls their reaction to the things that occur during their life span. Life is heavily connected to death. It is interesting how people can be so fascinated by that which they do no understand.

The history of other people’s lives has taught timeless lessons that cannot be taken for granted. One of the greatest examples is religion, which can be simply used as a way to symbolize or celebrate life.

Those who do understand what their lives have been about could be optimists, not to misinterpret the idea that people who go to church do not live, but rather one’s decisions are what gives their life a turn for the better or worse. People who often bully others have been through things that make them feel insecure about themselves. It is also quite plausible they have been bullied themselves.

Some people believe that life lessons can not be taken for granted, no matter what people have experienced. It is interesting how the people who have hopes for better things in the world are those who are inspired to want to see a change. These are the people who would never give up that hope. There have been so many people that have left a mark in history with their lives. Any person, no matter how old or young, can make a change for the better and still live a life they can enjoy.

Many historical figures have taught lessons with their lives and have created a movement or moment in the past that has changed the future. Malcolm X, Rosa Parks, Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Mother Theresa, as well as Nikolai Tesla, to name a few of those that have marked history for the better, or in some cases, the worst. People always have the option to do the right thing.

There are times of great pressure when something like greed or hate, leads one apart from the truly important things in life. Lessons learned must be cherished or they will have been for nothing. When it comes to people who have made a great change in their lives, such people like Mahatma Gandhi, who is at peace and at one with the earth, does not let the material things affect their sense of nature. Life is continuously changing as time passes; new life is born and lost every day but each person must learn to make the best of each day so that it may be an unforgettable one.

One thing that is sure is that time will change how life is experienced and handled by future generations. Many lessons can be found throughout history. People should not forget the values they are taught through the experiences life has given them. All things happen for a reason, no matter what the cause, people should keep their composure and understand how others may react.

One should look outside themselves to see how they can make a positive impact on their community. Integrity and respect for others can help keep a healthy view for most people. People can also view animals as those who help teach the value of life in a slow but steady fashion.

In many aspects, more than one has seen how animals can help to shift change. Life has been something different for everyone for as long as the existence of time, and must never be forgotten.

By Jose Manuel Valdez Ramos
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of Taryn Nefdt’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License