Lessons From Meghan Trainor’s Epic Fall on ‘The Tonight Show’

Lessons From Meghan Trainor’s Epic Fall on ‘The Tonight Show’ [Video]


Meghan TrainorMeghan Trainor performed her high-energy new single on “The Tonight Show” as part of promotional efforts for the singer’s sophomore album release. After exciting the crowd in her glittery heels and sparkling blue dress while singing “Me Too” the artist took one final spin before falling on the floor. True to her style, the singer just laid on the floor and laughed. Jimmy Fallon, the show host, rushed over to see if Trainor was okay and then laid on the floor beside her. She never faked it as if the fall was part of the performance; instead, she chose to keep it real.

Trainor’s song “Me Too” is a self-empowerment song which speaks of loving the person in the mirror completely and without reservation. Needless to say, she rocked the performance and the song could not have more appropriate after witnessing the end result. The “Lips Are Moving” singer lost her balance as the band finished up the song and toppled to the floor leaving valuable lessons that have the power to revolutionize how people view their own stumbles and falls.

While others watched not knowing how to react, Trainor responded with laughter. The beloved singer, who boasts about loving the skin she is in, kept it real after the fall. In a follow-up interview on “Good Morning America,” the “Title” singer said she was fine, but a little bruised up. Following the fall on the show, the singer stood back up, with the help of Fallon, to thunderous applause from the audience.Meghan Trainor

Trainor did not appear to be moved by the tumble, possibly realizing that this may not be the last time. Ultimately, a fall does not determine failure and what really matters is the emphasis placed on any situation. Here are three principles that can help adjust the perception of fall and stumbles which are often unavoidable:

  1. Never allow a fall to destroy the momentum: The performance was a part of the pre-release celebrations for Trainor’s new album. The high energy song went over well with the crowd and the actual performance was stellar. Trainor refused to allow the mishap to destroy the momentum she felt during the performance, instead of focusing on something so insignificant in the grand scheme of the moment. In life, it is important to focus on the positives while working to strengthen or replace the negatives.

  2. The show never stopped while the star stumbled: The general public was shocked and initially Fallon seemed slightly worried but Trainor quickly shook it off. As a professional is it important make every moment memorable, but keep the show going. While some would have played the pitiful card, Trainor realized the mandate on her career and kept it moving. In life, things have to keep going even when experiencing pain.

  3. Keep the fans talking: The viewers loved her energy and performance during the song, despite the fall. For the fans, the fall was a side note, but for others, it may have been the focal point of the evening. Regardless of the perspective, the performance has ended, but people are yet talking about the singer.

The “All About the Bass” singer kept it real after the fallout on “The Tonight Show.” There is nothing anyone can do about a slip or fall, except keep it moving. Everyone has been faced with a decision like Trainor had after the fall. They can choose to make light of it and continue the show, or allow themselves to be paralyzed with embarrassment. After such success with her premiere album, Meghan Trainor decided to laugh it off and relish on the moments that allowed her to shine.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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