Kylie Jenner Scamming Money From Customers

Kylie Jenner Scamming Money From Customers


JennerThe Kardashians have been in the entertainment industry for years; from Bruce transforming into Caitlyn and wanting to possibly change back, to Khloe and Lamar. However, this time, Kylie Jenner is in the news for, of all things, her new lip gloss line.

According to “The Indian Express,” the problems first began with the wand of the lip glosses. The wand was defective and Jenner had the issue resolved. Then a frequent blogger made a video claiming the lip gloss was a more expensive version of Colour Pop. The blogger accused Jenner of using the same formula as the popular makeup line, Colour Pop.

Colour Pop sells their products, such as lipsticks and liners for a reasonable price of six dollars each. Jenner,however, sells her lip gloss for an astonishing $30. Is this a way to scam her customers?

Jenner denies these claims of a scam. So, is this a case of Jenner putting her name on another company’s brand, and raking in the dough? Another issue with her lip gloss line is the website. According to “People” magazine, there was a security breach on the site, which affected the thousands of people that had ordered her lip matte. They would find other customers’ personal information on their own checkout statements.

Some consumers had mixed reviews about the lip kit, saying that it made their lips dry. According to “The Inquisitr,” a frequent blogger wrote about the faulty wand. Also, they posted a DIY video of how to fix the wand yourself, in case you were not one of the lucky people to get a replacement.

The blogger also asked: “Would Jenner wear her own lip line products?” One particular customer, according to “People” magazine, reportedly waited an entire month, having contacted customer service many times without an answer. Finally, the customer at least got their money refunded back to them.

It makes you wonder if Jenner is ready for the role of having her own business. Or, is she doing what everyone is accusing her of, which is plastering her name all over a cheap product and charging way too much, simply so that she can profit off of it, and make her already huge bank account that much bigger?

According to the “Huffington Post,” this is not the first time her lip line has been under scrutiny. When the line first came out, soon afterwards, the product was recalled, forcing Jenner to make a new batch. So, between the brushes being faulty, the allegations of using another company’s formula and the mixed reviews of the product – various reports saying it is too dry, or it does not last long. Is it worth it?

Is this a scam for money, or is Jenner wanting to please her fans? Will this new formula, that she claims is hers, be what puts her out of business? The quality of her first batch was, at the very least, unacceptable. Many customers believe they were used as guinea pigs for Jenner’s first batch. So why do they keep coming back? Is the fact she is a known celebrity helping her sell mediocre products?

Opinion by Brandy Combs
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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