Justin Bieber May Be Suffering From Depression

Justin Bieber May Be Suffering From Depression


BieberJustin Bieber, 22-year-old Canadian all-star, may be suffering from depression. The teenage heartthrob has publicly declared that he will no longer engage in picture-taking with fans at his events. Enduring countless hours of required media gigs, meets-and-greets and traveling for his world tour have taken a toll on the young singer. Despite the random photos leaked to the media, he is exhausted and has little time to himself.

BieberOn May 10, 2016, at 5:54 p.m. PDT, the pop sensation posted a lengthy rant on Instagram which stated, “If you happen to see me while I’m out please know that I’m not going to do pictures. I’m done taking them people are getting disrespectful, they won’t even speak to me or recognize me as a human being, I fee like a zoo animal, and I want to keep my sanity. I understand people will be upset, but I do not owe anyone a picture. Justin Bieber.”

BieberBieber may be suffering from depression. According to “L.A. Times,” the versatile artist previously stated, “I really want to make all of my fans smile and be happy but not at my expense. Healthwise, I always leave the fan greetings fatigued and exhausted emotionally and mentally to the degree of depression.”

In a recent interview with CBC News, Jonathan Velena, a New York tattoo artist, stated, “Justin Bieber is a client of mines, I recently added a tiny cross adjacent to the corner of his eye. To Justin, the cross represents his faith in the Lord and represents his path to getting to know the Lord’s purpose for him.”

BieberIt appears that the Canadian singer truly wants control over his life and who is around him. Bieber seeks to change and during his journey to finding himself, he has engaged in behaviors that are not acceptable norms for society. Bieber’s behaviors/actions are:

  • Growing dreads and then shaving all of his hair off days later
  • Drinking alone in bars and clubs
  • Public mentions on social media about health concerns
  • Spotted Sitting in a tree in Boston

In a recent article in “People” magazine, “A TD Garden representative spotted Bieber strutting a black cap, plain gray t-shirt, over-sized denim shorts, and black knee-length socks, just straddling a random tree branch like a child at recess.” Many fans are concerned that depression may be what Bieber is suffering from presently. The young star’s thirst for normality appears to be odd, weird and misplaced to outsiders.

Bieber is trying to change, even if it means that he has to cut people off. According to “Merced Sun-Star,” “Fans tend to imitate celebrities they admire, in a survey conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), more than 34 percent of Americans 27 or older said that they believed seeing a mental health professional shows signs of strength.”  The inspirational singer needs strong support from family and friends to help his transition in life.

Opinion by Jhayla D. Tyson

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