Injured Infant in Fatal Murder-Suicide in Texas

Injured Infant in Fatal Murder-Suicide in Texas


TexasOn Wednesday, May 18, 2016, at approximately 8:30 A.M. PDT, a fatal murder-suicide that caused an infant to be injured occurred in Houston, Texas. In an apartment on the 9600 block of Deering Drive in southwest Houston, Texas, a young couple engaged in a fatal altercation that led to shots fired in the housing complex.

According to Click2Houston, police officials have stated: “The husband fatally shot the wife in the chest, and head with either the shotgun or pistol found inside the home, before shooting himself. Leaving their six-month-old daughter injured after bullet fragments hit her in all of her extremities.”

TexasThe infant injured in the fatal murder-suicide was taken to the Texas Children’s Hospital, accompanied by her grandmother. The infant’s parents were transported to the Texas hospital in critical condition. The baby girl is expected to be in good condition soon.

Houston Police officials are unsure of what caused theĀ fatal murder-suicide that caused the infant to be injured in Houston, Texas. According to Click2Houston: “Neighbors heard arguing and tried to diffuse the situation but were told to return to their homes.” The couple also has an older child who was in school at the time of the incident.

The Houston Police Department intends to pursue the proper charges when the husband in the matter is in a healthier physical state.

By: Jhayla D. Tyson
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Click2Houston: Couple Shot, Baby Injured in Attempted Murder-Suicide in Southwest Houston

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