‘Finding Dory’ Impacts Audiences

‘Finding Dory’ Impacts Audiences


Finding Dory

When people hear the words just keep swimming, an image of a bright blue fish named Dory pops in their head right away. If not, then it is a good time to discover Dory as Nemo’s fun-loving companion in order to better understand her story in “Finding Dory.”  “Finding Nemo” first introduced audiences  to this unique character back in 2003, when she helped Nemo find his way back home. In “Finding Dory” she needs help finding her way back home. The movie is scheduled for release on June 17, 2016.

Before the excitement of “Finding Dory” began, the impact of Dory’s first journey with Nemo reached millions because of her motto, just keep swimming. Dory’s motto finds hope in those who are lost within any aspect of their life. The answer they seek is somewhere, as long as they continue living one day at a time they can find hope again.

“Finding Dory” includes Nemo’s father, Marlin. In “Finding Nemo,” Marlin loses the scuba mask to help find his son and begins losing hope. Dory enthuses him by explaining that when life brings you down you swim anyway, as the two carry on through their trials and errors during the film.

Those who perceive their lives are hopeless will continue to feel discontent or deprived. Yet with a strong attitude focused on reaching their journey, and the phrase, keep on swimming will encourage them to not give up. Thus, the origin of “Finding Dory.”

When Marlin decides to share his story with strangers, the story spreads all the way to Nigel, the seagull. He eventually helps Nemo find his way back home. This happens because Marlin shares Dory’s encouraging message. Dory’s words boosted Marlin, giving him the strength to swim on and not give up, reminding the audience that words do shape and change a life.

“Finding Dory” will not only find the origin of a remarkable little fish, but it will encourage audiences. Both of the movies about Dory and Nemo identify and relate to human nature; no matter how great or small.

Dory brought out the best in Marlin. She encouraged him to not be defeated in his search for his son and her optimism could bring out the best in the story’s viewers. To keep on swimming can be translated into keep moving forward, and as long as one is around others who believe in them, they too can keep moving forward.

Audiences can learn from Dory’s example in “Finding Dory” and impact others by encouraging them instead of discouraging them. The strongest tool to spread a positive message worldwide, instead of negative, is the internet. People can be innovators, like Dory, and let enlightenment become a viral message instead of focusing on the ignorance.

Opinion by Andrea Lopez
Edited by Cathy Milne

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Image Courtesy of Nick Bramball’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License