‘Captain America’ Why Do Fans Love the Movies and Not the Comics

‘Captain America’ Why Do Fans Love the Movies and Not the Comics


Captain America

The latest Captain America movie blew into theaters May 6, 2016. In the short time, it has been out, fans have made it quite obvious that the movie is far better than Captain A’s comics. “Captain America” comics have been around for quite some time and so has the movies. Fans have slowly started gravitating more toward the films because the comics did not seem to honor the characters as much as the movies. Either way, Captain America fans still love the superhero. Here are some of the differences between the “Captain America” comics and the movies.

Why do fans love the movies more than the comics?

The reason being is that it simplifies the story and in the end, improves the issues between the two main characters, Tony, and Steve. The movie dials back the law into something more manageable. Another thing that made “Captain America Civil War” so popular was that they heightened the conflict of the plot by putting the protagonist, Captain America against his partner in the comics, Iron Man. While this heightened the conflict, the characters suffered major character slaughter Yahoo news stated.

The movie also forces the characters to fight for sides that seem to stay true to their characters. Tony’s arc, in the movie universe, has a lot of guilt in it and he has tried every possible way to make it right. In the “Captain America” comic series, Tony would constantly make mistakes and not take responsibility for those actions. In the movie, Tony knows he is wrong and acknowledges it.

The comics wanted this huge fight for the grand finale, and they even sacrificed the integrity of Captain America and Iron Man to do so. The movie, however, stayed true to the characters making it more authentic and emotional. “Captain America: Civil War” is a small version of a bigger story that has not yet played out. The comics wanted an all out war between the characters, which forced the superheroes, fans have come to look up too and love, to fight against one another and pick sides. This is not staying true to Marvel’s original characters this is a huge reason why the fans love the “Captain America”movies better than the comics

Other differences are with the plot in the comic book is a band of young superheroes called, the New Warriors. They are trying to become famous by taking down a group of nasty villains. During this, villain Nitro explodes, killing six hundred innocent people, causing mayhem and forcing the Superhero Registration Act to come into play fans love the movies more because there was less conflict.

In the movie, the plot was more of a snowball effect of several different incidents that killed innocent lives. Now, The Avengers are being held responsible for these actions.

The enforcers are different in the comic book. There was the S.H.I.E.L.D, the enforcer of the movie is U.S. Secretary of State, “Thunderbolt” Ross, who aims to enforce the new law with a United Nations committee.

The villains are different in the movie. The superhero in the Civil War only ignites the issue, because the villainous Zemo organized an elaborate plan. However, in the comics, there were no evil masterminds behind anything.  It was simply a difference of ideas with no one to mediate between the heroes.

The prison is not in both the movie and the comic books, it is only in the comics. The prison was filled with only superheroes, in another world ruled by insect monsters. The teams were divided in the movie, Captain A’s team consisted of Falcon, Ant-Man, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch and Winter Soldier. In the comics, there were numerous other heroes.

Finally, the biggest difference between the comic books and the movie is the overall outcome of each Yahoo news states the comics ended with the registration argument unresolved. The comic books focused more on the hunt for Zemo when all is said and done. The Avengers become fugitives, Ironman wins and the real heroes are in hiding and Captain America dies. However, the movie ends with Captain America alive and fighting for good as always. These are the reasons should answer Why Do Fans Love the ‘Captain America’ Movies and Not the Comics.

By Brandy Combs
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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