Wisconsin GOP Voters Choose Ted Cruz

Wisconsin GOP Voters Choose Ted Cruz


The Wisconsin Republican Primary has ended and the voters have overwhelmingly decided that Ted Cruz should be their candidate on April 5, 2016. The win was a crucial loss, in particular, for frontrunner Donald Trump, as it slashed his aspirations of garnering the delegates needed to win the Republican party nomination. Democratic candidate, Bernie Sanders also won in Wisconsin by 53 percent, beating front-runner Hillary Clinton.

The Texas senator was bolstered by the endorsement of Wisconsin Republican governor Scott Walker. Walker had halted his own presidential campaign in September, and according to Politico, on March 29, 2016, Walker declared that Cruz was not afraid to challenge the status quo and said that he was the best candidate to challenge Clinton. As a result, Wisconsin voters chose Cruz earning him the Wisconsin primary victory with 53.2 percent of the votes. After a tedious, week-long Twitter battle with the Texas senator, Trump may have hit a rough patch in his own campaign. The reality-show star held second place with 30.6 percent of the votes. The GOP voters that chose Cruz may be mobilizing behind the Republican lawmakers who are banding together to push for anyone other than Trump. A CNN exit poll revealed that 65 percent of voters had decided who would win their vote before last week.

In Milwaukee, while delivering his victory speech, Cruz expressed a desire to unite not only the Republican Party but Libertarians, Independents and Reagan-Democrats, as well. The push to garner as many votes as possible was evident in his speech, as he mentioned that by removing the influence of Washington, people would be allowed to soar. He cited his Irish-Italian mother and Cuban father as examples. Cruz issued a final declaration warning for Clinton to get ready at the end of his speech. He completely dismissed Trump and did not even mention the Democratic winner in Wisconsin, Sanders

BY Juanita Lewis
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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