Tony Baca Seeks Assembly District 5 Seat in Nevada

Tony Baca Seeks Assembly District 5 Seat in Nevada



Tony Baca is seeking to represent Nevada Assembly District 5. District 5 is an open seat for the 2016 election due to the resignation of Erv Nelson.

“My desire to serve my fellow Nevadans with honest representation is central to my campaign,” said Baca in a phone interview. He feels that many of the candidates last cycle promised to vote against raising taxes, but, once elected, broke their promises.

As an assemblyman in Carson City, his decisions will be made carefully and with all Nevadans in mind. There are many issues he will fight for, but Baca is especially focused on overturning the Commerce Tax. As a businessman, he understands the overwhelming burden of the added cost and bureaucratic paperwork that the Commerce Tax will place on all businesses, particularly small businesses. According to Baca, “The fact that SB-483 was passed during the 2015 legislative session is a prime example of how elected officials are out of touch with the will of the people.”

Education is another big issue for Baca, who believes that without fundamental training in practical mathematics, reading, and writing, the system will continue to fail all children.

Additionally, he stated, “The implementation of Common Core has been a complete failure, and many other states have already acknowledged that and repealed its use… Nevada is last in education because they ignore what is successful and what other states across the country are doing.” He adds that just throwing more money at the problem is not the answer. Indeed, Nevada has ranked last in education outcomes for decades, and more funding has not solved the problem to date.

He proposes an audit of the Clark County School System to see where all the money is going. Money is not making it to the classrooms where it is needed. Baca wants education to be under the local control of school officials, teachers, and most importantly, the parents.

Helping others in need has been a passion for Baca. Over the years, he and the church he attends founded and implemented an outreach program for the homeless. The program fed and clothed as many as 400 people each week. “Volunteering to help others has been a constant in my life. I would be honored to take my experience and knowledge to Carson City to serve Nevada.”

Baca has a strong desire to see military veterans treated with the dignity they not only deserve, but desperately need. Many vets are homeless, and their medical needs have not managed in a timely fashion. He believes he can make positive changes for Nevada veterans.

By Lucy Lane
Edited by Jennifer Pfalz


Interview: Tony Baca on April 18, 2016
Inset Image Courtesy of Tony Baca – Used With Permission
Featured Image Courtesy of Prayitno’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License