Kobe Bryant Masters Going Out on a High Note

Kobe Bryant Masters Going Out on a High Note



Kobe Bryant bids farewell to a career in basketball tonight,April 13, 2016. It marks the end of a career associated with an abundance of accolades on the court. Fans know that Bryant has dominated basketball, elevating the Lakers to champions during his reign as King Kobe.

What is more impressive is the financial dominance he is bringing with the announcement of his retirement, while he remains a force to be reckoned with in basketball. Maintaining his dominance and protecting his legacy, is the key to mastering the concept of going out on a high note.

Tonight’s game marks more than the monumental career of a legend in basketball but the dollars his name and persona bring in. Tonight’s game could prove to be the most profitable of the season; the most inexpensive ticket sold at Bryant’s farewell game went for $369. The most expensive seat to see the master of basketball play his last game sold for $9,600.

While seeing Bryant play his retirement game may feel like an honor for fans, walking away with memorabilia commemorating his legacy could be enough for others. Taking advantage of the fact that his reign on the court was not diminished by a declining athlete is a key factor to fans being willing to pay more to be a part of Bryant’s legend.

Bryant leaving at his peak, making him the master of going out on a high note, even sweeter for stakeholders in his brand. The Lakers franchise is taking full advantage.

The Lakers’ store always sells team merchandise and, of course, Bryant’s team gear is popular. However, this year is striking a special cord with his retirement and the store is offering limited time only merchandise for fans. The merchandise offered is one of a kind and will prove Bryant’s financial dominance for the team.

These limited edition items are the most expensive items on the site. Merchandise ranges from $5,000 to almost $40,000. Truly taking advantage of the fact that many fans will miss Bryant’s presence on the court.

This is mastering going out on a high note in any field. While it may not be as profitable for others, it is an advantage. The Black Mamba may not need the extra profits from retiring at the height of his popularity, however, it will likely continue to benefit him in the future.

Many athletes go on to have other careers that extend beyond their time in their perspective fields.  The reputation that they leave with makes a huge difference on their continued endorsements and merchandise sells. Or there next career endeavors from sports commentator to a restaurant owner. Fans want to associate with winners, on and off the court.

If money is an indicator of greatness in sports, Bryant may have proved to be one of the greatest. This concept does not only concentrate on him mastering the game and going out on his highest note possible but how he played all aspects of the game both on and off the court.

It is expected that Bryant will retire with record career earnings of $680 million surpassing Michael Jordan. This is important to note that while he may have been marked “the next Jordan” as he entered his career,  his stats on the court, although impressive, never matched Jordan’s stats.

That is the key to being the master of going out on a high note, continuing to profit as time passes. Bryant will never have to prove himself in his field because his popularity and his financial success has done so for him.

While his skill on the court may be missed by his fans, everyone will likely see his continued skills of mastering going out at the peak of his popularity.

By Gichele Cocrelle


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Image Courtesy of Keith Allison’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License