Fred Horne Will End Veterans Affairs Corruption

Fred Horne Will End Veterans Affairs Corruption


HorneEvery year, American men and women join the United States Armed Forces to protect and serve their nation. They are trained in the art of war, and many are deployed to conflict zones. They follow orders and see unspeakable actions. These brave men and women return from duty, and some are rattled by the horrors of war. The U.S. has programs to help veterans acclimate back into society and provides them with support for the wounds of battle, whether mental or physical. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been charged with this task. Fred Horne is running for the Nevada First Congressional District. As a veteran himself, he saw corruption in the VA and vows to end it.

Horne is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army. After spending two 13-month combat tours in Vietnam, he returned home and continued his work with the Army. The candidate is highly decorated from his years of service. Among his many medals, Horne received the Bronze Star, the Meritorious Service Medal and a Purple Heart. As a consequence of his valor, Horne was disabled in the heat of combat.

He continued his education, which allowed him to secure a job through the Army. Horne received a master’s degree in Computer Systems and a master’s certificate in Projects and Program Management. During his career in the military, he became familiar with the VA. He described this experience, stating, “I witnessed firsthand the horrors of the overly complex and seemingly compassionless system.”

Horne cannot understand how Americans can be so complacent about the treatment of their veterans. He would like to end corruption within the VA so it will properly service those in need.

As a veteran himself, Horne feels confident he can address the problems within the VA. He promises that fixing the corrupt system will be his first priority. The man walked halls of VA hospitals. In Las Vegas, they were infested with cockroaches, and in Chicago, rat feces was prevalent. He was struck with indignation and vowed he would do something about these horrendous conditions.

Horne would like to confront these problems head on. He says he would like to expose people who line their pockets with funds from the VA. He proclaimed he will stand on the House floor to demand accountability and will seek immediate action to aid veterans. Horne even proposed an investigation into any illegal actions perpetrated by bureaucrats at the expense of America’s Armed Forces.

The veteran candidate served in the Special Forces in Vietnam, and was also a Reserve Commission Officer. Now, Horne is running for the Nevada First Congressional District. He voiced his opinions loud and clear about corruption in the VA, and when elected, vowed he will investigate and clean up the system. A veteran himself, he is adamant about serving America’s fighting men and women and wants them to have the support system they need to continue a productive and successful life after their service.

By Harrison Baker
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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