Bernie Sanders Secures Wyoming Caucus and Moves on to the East

Bernie Sanders Secures Wyoming Caucus and Moves on to the East



Bernie Sanders has won the Wyoming Democratic Caucus, April 9, 2016. The weekend victory gave Sanders his eighth win out of nine. The results of the Wyoming caucus showed that Sanders won by 56.2 percent, as opposed to Hillary Clinton’s 43.8 percent. The Vermont senator announced his win during a rally in Queens, New York this Saturday.

CNN reported that Sanders had spent an inordinate amount of time campaigning in Laramie, Wyoming, to secure the caucus. Wyoming is largely Caucasian, rural and not densely populated. It tends to get overlooked by Democrats, as it is a mainly Republican state. According to CNN, only 20 percent of Wyoming’s registered voters identify as Democratic and there were only 14 delegates available. Sanders’ eighth win secured him seven from Wyoming, giving him a total of 1,068 delegates, as he moves onward from Wyoming to the east coast.

While addressing an excited crowd in Queens, the senator was joined by his wife, Jane. He mentioned in his victory speech that in the recent polls he was ahead of opponent Clinton, citing the closing gap between the two. Due to the rising swell of momentum in his campaign, he said that he had cut Secretary Clinton’s lead by a third, and he planned to do a lot of campaigning in New York City. The momentum has been mentioned in the media as a huge boost in morale for the grassroots campaign. The New York Times called Sanders’ win an indication of Clinton’s weaknesses, as he has won in liberal areas with Caucasian voters, which is the former Sect. of State’s consistent weakness. NBC News reported that Sanders does better in caucuses rather than primaries, due to the level of activist engagement.

While in Queens, Sanders predicted that the swell of support from his victory streak has given the campaign a significant boost that is guaranteed to push the campaign forward. Sanders was born in Brooklyn, whereas Clinton represented the state in Senate from 2001-09. The race in the East will be extremely tight, indicative of the race to secure the presidential nomination itself. The New York primary is April 19, and both candidates are pushing hard to secure the 247 delegates the state offers. The Clinton camp gave no mention of Sanders’ Wyoming win, the former Secretary of State has 1,749 delegates and seems determined to take New York and Pennsylvania. New York, in particular, would be a crushing loss.

NPR noted that Clinton took a subway ride with Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. While Clinton still lives in New York, she lives in Chappaqua, a northern suburb. She had an interesting ride the massive security on the subway and Clinton’s repeated missed swipes of her Metrocard, notwithstanding. NPR reported that when she got off in the Bronx she enjoyed chatting with residents and even stopped by a local store. The grasp for authenticity is something that Clinton seems to struggle with a great deal more than Sanders. NPR wondered why politicians, in general, feel the need to reassure the public that they are relatable, like the rest of the public. In terms of New York relatability, Sanders went on The View this week, where he ate a slice of pizza folded, as is the New York preference, and despite initially thinking that the subway system still used tokens, was given a MetroCard.

The New York and Pennsylvania primaries are on April 19 and 24, a win in both could give the Clinton boost she needs to stave off the oncoming rush of Sanders support that has been steadily approaching. Sanders secured the Wyoming caucus, which could prove to be a vital push for his bid in the eastern primaries.

By Juanita Lewis
Edited By Jeanette Smith


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