April Fools Day a Best of Celebration

April Fools Day a Best of Celebration


April Fools
Even the most skilled skeptic in the world would have a hard time on April Fools Day. As soon as April 1, rolls around, reality takes a rain check and shenanigans take over. From the moment people wake up, until the time they fall asleep (and sometimes after), humanity is on guard, trying desperately not to get pranked. Even corporations get in on the April Fools Day Celebration and here are some of the best in 2016.

Google was off to a rough start on the morning of April Fools Day. The company decided to add a little tomfoolery to user’s Gmail accounts. The mic drop has long been recognized as a symbol of profound speech and the end of a conversation. The company decided to use a cuddly Minion to do the honors. The idea was simple when a user sent an email, during April Fools Day, the message would automatically add a gif of a Minion dropping the mic. According to CNN Money, pranking people’s emails was not fair game. Several Gmail users became furious and the company was forced to abandon this little attempt at April Fools Day humor.

Being one of the most innovative company is the world, Google was not one to back down. After the Minion debacle, the company came up with some ingenious April Fools Day pranks. Google has been investing in virtual reality for a long time and in one of their promotional videos, aired on April 1, the company claimed to have a breakthrough. The ad entitled, Google Cardboard Plastic, gave consumers a first-hand look at their new technology – Reality. Google boasted their Reality headset was completely waterproof, had 360° audio and was compatible with all smartphone apps.

Google also announced on April 1, that they have made a monumental discovery in package delivery. Drones have been thought to be a potential for delivering goods. Google said they had found a better solution. The new delivery service from Google Express was called, The Parachute.

April Fools Day is an international celebration of hilarious pranks, the best of which come from places one would least expect. One such April Fools Day prank came from Doulingo. The language learning company announced they had released a smart pillow that would help users learn a language in their sleep. In the press release, Doulingo stated, “[the pillow] activates proprietary sleep learning algorithms as the user sleeps.”

The adult entertainment website, Pornhub, got in on the action. The website renamed itself, Cornhub. Users got a glimpse of some pretty hot and heavy action. Those trolling the new site on April Fools Day could watch videos like, Slob on the Cob and Hot Young Corn Gets Plowed. For those who needed something a little more hardcore, the website offered a video named, Hard Shucking Like You’ve Never Seen!

Netflix had a bit of April Fools Day brilliance when they came up with a commercial for their new production. Actor John Stamos revealed that Netflix had contacted him seeking his help. He agreed to work with them and they started on the new documentary, John Stamos: A Human, Being.

For those superheroes or villains in need of a vacation, or those looking to experience the culture of these creatures, Airbnb had everyone covered. For April Fools Day, Airbnb had announced their new site, Lairbnb, to target mythical creatures and superheroes who are traveling and would like to get a feel for the community they visit.

ZipRecruiter found a way to find jobs for an age demographic that is plagued by unemployment. Aside from the lucky few who make it as models or actors, almost all babies are unemployed. But for April Fools Day, ZipRecruiter launched a program to get babies the jobs they have been looking for. The company claims babies are a great resource for employers because: “Babies learn at a rate that is ten times higher than that of an adult. They pick up languages. And they are not bogged down by everyday responsibilities.” ZipRecruiter wanted to, “help babies stand on their own to feet.”

Picking the best out of this year’s April Fools Day celebration was certainly a daunting task. In the spirit of good fun, companies from all sectors had joined in on the laughs. Whether tech or adult entertainment, everyone was eager to have their share of the fun.

By Harrison Baker
Edited by Jeanette Smith


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Image Courtesy of Jonny Hughes’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License