7.1 Earthquake Hits Japan in the Latest of a Series in Past...

7.1 Earthquake Hits Japan in the Latest of a Series in Past 7 Days [Update]




AP reported an earthquake measuring 7.4 rocked Japan at 16:25 UTC, on April 15, 2016. Several aftershocks have been recorded. The epicenter 10 km deep and 1 km WSW of Kumamoto-shi.

Earlier NHK News in Japan indicated a tsunami warning had been issued but has since been lifted. The Japanese Meteorological Agency (JMA) had indicated coastal areas should be evacuated, citing “there was a marine threat.”

This quake has been downgraded to 7.1 and occurred less than 24 hours after a quake measuring 6.2 took nine lives in the same area and left at least 800 injured. AP indicated there have been more than 100 aftershocks between the two large earthquakes.

There were major aftershocks which rocked the island were measured at 5.8, 5.7 and 4.7, which all occurred within a few minutes of one another. In the last seven days, Japan has experienced 29 tremblers and 51 in the past month.

This quake is in close proximity to Western Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, Japan, as well as Korea Strait. The three nuclear facilities, nearby, have not reported any damages or malfunctions

Aftershocks from the previous quake had caused damage. NHK News reported an eight-month-old child, who had been trapped under rubble for at least eight hours, was rescued by firefighters. The baby was alive appeared to be unharmed. Photographs show damaged homes and buildings.

Photographs show damaged homes and buildings. Reports indicate there were nearly 40.000 people who spent the night outside after they left their homes during the quake.

UPDATE April 17, 2016: CNN reported the Kumamoto Prefecture disaster management office indicated the death toll, from the earthquakes, has risen to 19 people. Additionally, there have been “as many as 165 aftershocks.”

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By Cathy Milne

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Image Courtesy of s.yume’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License