Teen Suicide Addressed Powerfully By Way of Musical

Teen Suicide Addressed Powerfully By Way of Musical


girl moon bigIn Charlotte North Carolina this month, Conscious lesbian singer, songwriter, director and producer Amy Steinberg will debut her new powerful, Original Rock Musical Breaking the Moon, created to address and deal with the issue of teen suicide. Every year at least 50,000 teenagers attempt suicide, with one thousand successful. Fact.

Having released nine previous albums showing her rise into both consciousness and embrace of her status as a proud lesbian performer, Amy Steinberg has reached a key marker in her professional rise to stardom with the potent social medicine offered in Breaking the Moon.

It is no secret the teenage years are wrought, for many, with the battle to keep oneself alive. Often enduring hardships at a young age, or feeling dry of self-love and reason to continue, teens face the often fateful struggle with mortality. Steinberg looks teen suicide, and the issues which drive its reality into being, such as sexual preferences, teen pregnancy, loss and self-esteem, straight in the heart.

The bold new original musical Breaking the Moon shows a brighter, perhaps more powerful way to deal with issues of teen suicide and desperation. LBGT proud award-winning conscious musician fantastick Amy Steinberg, addresses the issues in her musical that this culture has been too shy to look at squarely.

Following Steinberg through her trail of conscious music albums over the years, one could see the seeds of Breaking the Moon planted deep in the origins of her music career as she first faced herself through her lyrics and grappled with the universe for answers. There seems no one more fitting or capable of bringing clarity and insight into the realm of teen self-esteem than Ms. Steinberg. She has laid the red carpet of success out for any being struggling on the path to self-love and empowerment, to dance and sing their way into a more authentic relationship with the self, and something “greater.”

Self-destructive behavior can rule a person’s life long beyond the teenage years if not addressed at the core. There has perhaps never been a more timely release for a musical than now with Steinberg’s Breaking the Moon. Told through the experiences of seven struggling teenagers in a treatment center as they first resist, argue, and then finally assist one another through the transformative process of surrendering to healing. At times dark and riveting, depicting of the “underworld” one grapples with when entertaining ideas of suicide before finding self-love and ultimate healing, Steinberg’s musical is real, in every way. Peers , not adult mentors, set the stage allowing Steinberg to speak directly to her audience, empowering them to find authority within, the confidence to change and the possibility to see the truth of the answers within.

Opening in Charlotte, North Carolina, March 11-13th, Breaking the Moon is breaking through the old in treatment modalities as Steinberg takes the very real and conscious work of teen empowerment and healing to the stage. This is no light-weight musical in prancing tights. No. Steinberg’s piece is power packed with potent transformation tools. Breaking the Moon reaches into the heart, inspiring greatness and possibility through validating the very real struggling with suicide many teens have.

Steinberg’s brilliant musical is calling on teens to burst through the seams of doubt with messages of self-love, empowerment and the ultimate awareness that they are never alone.

If Amy Steinberg has remained a mystery to many, her new Original Rock Musical Breaking the Moon is no-doubt breaking the ceiling and sure to find the world turning ears in her direction. Steinberg’s brilliant approach on how to address teen suicide, wrapped up in the creative arms of an empowering musical, makes inspiration this woman’s forte’ and consciousness, her language. Breaking the Moon has a pull for healing on the sea of teenage hearts primed for empowerment. This woman deserves national thanks for taking on such a sensitive and intense subject with grace, understanding and mastery.

BREAKING THE MOON – Premieres at Upstage NoDa in Charlotte, NC, March 11-13, 2016 @ 8pm

By Stasia Bliss