Marco Rubio Supporters Stand Firm on Super Tuesday

Marco Rubio Supporters Stand Firm on Super Tuesday



Marco Rubio is one of the Republican candidates that may be within a viable grasp of the Republican nomination if he can get through the marathon of primaries and caucuses that take will place. Super Tuesday is March 1, 2016, and it has become increasingly evident for Rubio, that he needs to win a state if he is going to stay in the race. By 12 p.m. ET, Rubio was campaigning in Minnesota, where The New York Times estimated he may garner a win. By the closing of the first polls in Virginia, at 7 p.m., it was revealed that true to form, Donald Trump and Rubio were tied too closely to call who was coming out in front. Rubio’s supporters are emerging and standing firm in the face of Trump’s extremist GOP – outsider barrage on Super Tuesday.

A recent National Poll revealed that Trump is leading the popular vote by 44 percent with Rubio, squarely on his heels, in second place with 21 percent. CNN reported that GOP members are scrambling to find anyone but Trump, as the general consensus is that Trump is not a true Republican. Virginia Congressman Scott Rigell expressed that he was more than happy to have Rubio representing the Republican Party and Trump does not reflect the beliefs and designs of the party in the slightest.

Trump has made several belittling statements about Rubio during debates and to the press, but at least, one of them was tinged with truth. He has not won a single state yet, as of the early morning polls in Arkansas and Alabama, where the billionaire businessman is expected to reign.

The projected idea is that Trump is going to make a sweep of the southern states, with Ted Cruz taking his own home state of Texas. Rubio seems confident that he can take his own state of Florida, however, that vote does not take place until March 15. Even if Rubio does not gain a state’s overall vote, he may steal enough votes away from Trump to prevent him from securing the nomination.

CNN interviewed a Rubio supporter at the Minn. registration area, who said that she was supporting him because she believed he would unite both sides of the country, something that is sorely needed. It seems that another area of concern is whether people would even make the chilly trek out to the caucus as the temperature is going to drop significantly. However, Rubio’s supporters are standing firm in Minn. and declared the weather was no problem for Super Tuesday.

During a rally in Andover, Minn., Rubio announced that the cost of the country and the future of America was too high and real a risk to elect a scam artist. The presidency was meant to be taken seriously. He even cited the performance of former Minn. governor Jesse Ventura, as another ” tough talking reality star..who is an embarrassment. But Donald Trump would be an embarrassment to America, and if any state knows that it is Minnesota, because of the experience you had.” (Interestingly enough, the Daily Beast reported that as of March 1, 2016, Jesse Ventura has promised to run for president if Bernie Sanders loses, as an Independent.)

Twelve states are holding their nomination contests for today, with 595 Republican delegates and 878 Democratic delegates at stake. Additionally, there are caucuses being held in Alaska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wyoming, as well as a Democratic caucus being held for the first time in American Samoa.

The late deciding states are the ones that bode the best for Rubio, such as Virginia, Georgia and Vermont, where the GOP is heavily moderate and there is a strong anti-Trump sentiment. Rubio supporters are still standing firm on his behalf for Super Tuesday.

By Juanita Lewis


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