Jimmy Carter No Longer Needs Cancer Treatment

Jimmy Carter No Longer Needs Cancer Treatment



According to ABC News, former United States President Jimmy Carter no longer needs cancer treatment, as it would seem the cancer treatments were successful. He revealed in August of 2015 that he had been diagnosed with melanoma, but revealed on March 6, 2016, that treatment for this type of skin cancer will not be continued. Carter, who is now 91 years old, made the announcement at the Maranatha Baptist Church in Plains, Georgia, during one of his Sunday School classes.

In August, Carter revealed that the melanoma cells had spread to his brain. The treatment plan was performed every three weeks and included radiation that targeted the brain tumors. He also received doses of Keytruda, a newer form of immune therapy. It was designed to seek out cancer cells and then destroy them.

Deanna Congileo, Carter’s spokeswoman, stated that if the cancer cells return, the treatment will resume. His doctors will continue to perform periodic scans in search for any returning cancer cells. Despite the former president having previous plans to ease his daily lifestyle, he remained active and on his feet while undergoing treatment. He assisted in projects with Habitat for Humanity, and he continued to work for his human rights organization, the Carter Center. Today, March 6, 2016, it seems former President Jimmy Carter is cancer free.

By Tricia Manalansan
Edited by Jeanette Smith

ABC News: Spokeswoman: Jimmy Carter No Longer Needs Cancer Treatment
Image Courtesy of Queen’s Unversity’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License