Hillary Clinton Declares Her Anti-Trump Plan

Hillary Clinton Declares Her Anti-Trump Plan


On March 13, 2016, at the CNN Democratic Presidential Town Hall, Hillary Clinton declared herself ready to take on Donald Trump. She cited her experience in the political world, among the three-point plan that showed she was ready to take on Trump.

CNN’s Ohio Democratic Town Hall meeting was moderated by TV One’s Jake Tapper and Roland Martin. Democratic voters from Ohio were approaching Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and the former Secretary of State with questions. One query was posed to Clinton, by radiologist and Ohio’s own poet laureate, Dr. Amit Majmudar. As the son of legal immigrants, whose family, despite doing well for themselves in the country, were growing increasingly worried about the state of the country and where they stood. Due to the rise of Trump, Dr. Majmudar was afraid for his family and wanted to know if he voted for her what assurance would he have that Clinton would face Trump and win. He asked for three specific points of her anti-Trump game plan.

1.The Base

Clinton explained that in terms of context, she has 600,000 more votes than Trump and she is building a broad campaign to convince people this situation is incredibly dire. She believes she is developing the base needed to allow her to defeat Trump.

2. Experience

“The Republicans have been after me for 25 years,” Clinton declared as she spoke to a crowd at the Ohio Democratic Town Hall Meeting. Clinton said that her thick skin developed over her many years working the political circuit. She feels that whoever goes against Trump has to be ready, which she believes wholeheartedly she is.

3. What Trump’s Presidency Would Mean

Clinton stated that there were many arguments that could be made against the Republican frontrunner. However, citing her unique experience as the former Secretary of State, she felt that the biggest one was what his presidency would mean on a worldwide scale. Clinton disclosed to the crowd that she had received calls and messages from foreign leaders, asking if Clinton needed their endorsement to help her in her anti-Trump game plan. She revealed that the Italian Prime Minister had given her his public support and other leaders had offered their private endorsements. Her time as the Secretary of State has prepared her, by giving her sound judgement, the wisdom to not hold grudges, and a mild temperament, over what a Trump presidency would herald.

By Juanita Lewis
Edited by Jeanette Smith & Cathy Milne


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Image Courtesy of U.S. Embassy’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License