Donald Trump Lies and Blames Others for the Violence He Incites

Donald Trump Lies and Blames Others for the Violence He Incites



Donald Trump is so volatile, the Republican party officials are concerned that should he not be nominated there will be riots. Worse would occur if he were to become the President of the United States of America (POTUS). Democratic officials are plotting to ensure the candidate nominated by their party can beat Trump in the race for the White House.

Is it possible that America is experiencing the cut-throat tactics that Steven Douglas (D) used against Abraham Lincoln (R) in reverse? In this election cycle, the Democrat was anti-abolition and the Republican, anti-slavery. The issue of that presidential race was Lincoln wanted every person in America to be afforded the rights the U.S. Constitution allowed, and that was equality. Douglas, on the other hand, ranted about “the niggras being citizens.” This is the immigration issue under a different guise.

However, the Democrats fought the constitutionality of equality, but they were not afraid to use the Constitution to their advantage. There were calls in the Southern states for a militia to rise and arm themselves to hold fast to the norm of the day; which was slavery.

A similar, and eerie violence is happening today in the U.S., and Trump is the biggest instigator. He incites anger, fear and encourages the use of fists and guns to “Make America Great Again.”

The debacle that was supposed to be Trump’s Chicago rally in March 2016, remains the topic of conversation on many fronts. He has continued to place blame on Bernie Sanders and his supporters; he accused the Democratic Party in general, and he has attempted to shift the focus away from where it belongs. In this sense, he is lying to himself, or he is delusional. In any case, the candidate certainly has a selective memory.

During a CNN live coverage event, one analyst quoted Trump, “The audience swung back and I thought it was very very appropriate.” The Donald made this statement after 78-year-old John McGraw squarely slugged a protestor in the face at a recent rally.

No one has been exempt from the violence this candidate incites. Trump lies and works hard to blame the brutality, perpetrated by his fanatical followers and his staff, on others. Members of the press have been man-handled: one was choked and arrested at a rally because he dared to film protesters and another was left with bruises on her arms as she was dragged away from the area where she was attempting to question the candidate.

According to Huffington Post, outside of a rally site, a CBS News reporter, Sopan Deb, was thrown to the ground, had his neck stomped on by a police officer, and was arrested for filming the chaos between “Trumpettes” and Sanders supporters. He was never given the opportunity to produce his press credentials, even after offering them several times.

He stated this was not the first time he was accosted. Deb was told to return to Iraq when he was covering a rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, in January of 2016. He is not an Iraqi, he is an American, who was attempting to do his job.

In another Huffington Post report, William Celli, 55, was arrested in December of 2015, for threatening to kill Muslims. The Contra Costa County police followed up on a tip he was building explosives. His arrest occurred outside of a mosque in Richmond, Calif., where he was yelling, “I’m going to kill you all!” When searching Celli’s home, a “suspicious device” was found and destroyed.

Celli had posted xenophobic, pro-Trump, and Islamophobic comments on Facebook several times before his arrest. He had written he would follow Trump “to the end of the world” and that the candidate was a “great point man.” His rants were not limited to Muslims; he also complained he had lost business to Mexicans who were in the U.S. “under false pretenses.’

His arrest came two weeks after Trump called for a banning of all Muslims from entering America. Celli pled guilty to reduced charges and agreed to not having an active Facebook account as part of the deal. Unfortunately, this was at a time when hate crimes against Muslims had tripled. Equally unfortunate, Trump has made no attempt to denounce Celli’s actions.

TrumpEven children have been affected by this phenomenon, called Trump. A 7-year-old asked his grandparent who this man was and why was everyone always talking about him. When told who the candidate was, he asked another question, “Why is that man such a bully?”

There had been comments made on Facebook of children crying when they heard the hateful rhetoric Trump freely spouts. Even a child knows lying is not right and placing blame on others for one’s actions is equally wrong. However, Trump incites violence, has no remorse; he lies, and places blame on others for his immature behavior.

Opinion by Cathy Milne

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