Connie Foust Officially Declares Her Candidacy for Assembly District 19 in Mesquite...

Connie Foust Officially Declares Her Candidacy for Assembly District 19 in Mesquite Nevada



On March 11, 2016, Connie Foust officially declared her candidacy for Mesquite’s Assembly District 19 (AD19). She filed the required documents with Clark County Clerk’s office. She is seeking to take the legislative seat from incumbent Chris Edwards.

Foust is a true Conservative. Unlike her opponent, she believes the residents in AD19 deserve an honest assemblyperson. She places a high value on keeping a promise.

Taxes are a major issue in Nevada, the 2015 Commerce Tax in not only the highest tax ever passed in Nevada, but the voter’s overwhelmingly voted down the same tax in 2014; The Margin’s Tax. This was a huge upset for constituents, who voted in Edwards believing his assurances he would not vote to increase taxes.

The task of seeking the repeal of the Commerce Tax and subsequently pushing the repeal forward falls on the shoulders of someone who will not “buckle under pressure.” Foust’s past experiences have prepared her for the pressures of political strife in Carson City during the 2017 Legislative Session.

Foust cares about Nevada; she seeks the answers to difficult questions. Under her leadership as an assemblyperson, she will address these issues and seek solutions.

Big Questions

  • Do the schools in AD19 have what is needed to educate and prepare the children for their future?
  • What did the Education Savings Account (ESA) do to help the community?
  • How are large and small businesses, alike, going to succeed under the strains of the Commerce Tax?
  • Between the increased fees on business licenses and the increased costs of operating a business in Nevada, how are companies going to survive? Is the community able to absorb the increases passed down to the consumer as a result?

Additional Issues to Be Addressed

  • Unemployment rates were at 7.1 percent in April 2015, in Clark County.
  • Nevada’s education system has the lowest rank in the United States for student achievement. In 2015, the overall rating was 50th. The state was ranked 47th in the category of “Highest Dropout Rate,” as well as 47th in the teacher-student ratio category.
  • Implementing new programs and pouring tax dollars has not improved an ongoing problem in the educational outcome for the young people in Nevada.
  • The 2nd Amendment is under attack. There is a movement to infringe on the rights of gun ownership in the United States.

Foust is the candidate who cares about the people in Mesquite, and she vows to vote no on any bill brought forward that does not support the will of the voters. She is determined to ensure all of the people in AD19 are represented by an assemblyperson who understands their needs and desires.

Mike Young wrote the following about Foust, “Connie lives the principles of our country with honesty and integrity. Many promises, but she delivers, we can trust her without reservation.”

Lori Johnson, a 20-year resident, stated, ‘I have known Connie for the past five years. Over the years, when Connie says she is going to do something she always follows through.”

By Cathy Milne


Website: Connie Foust Assembly District 19
Phone Interview: Jerry Littman March 11, 2016
Image Courtesy of Connie Foust – Published with Permission