5 Reasons Why We Should Not Live in Fear of Terrorist Threats

5 Reasons Why We Should Not Live in Fear of Terrorist Threats



The recent brutal terror attacks in Belgium and Pakistan have again shown that the world is not warm sun and maple trees as we were led to believe in kindergarten. There is evil in the world which is way beyond our comprehension. When our lives are mingled with these evils, then the whole existence of our being is thrown into a vicious circle of fear and loathing. Dorothy Thompson, arguably one of the finest American journalists, once said “Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.” Terrorism is such evil that is wreaking havoc with the world we are living in. Terrorism has put lives of myriads of people into jeopardy and succeeded in implanting morbid fear in innocent minds.

The power of terrorism is sometimes so much that it puts our lives into chaos and there is not much we can do to combat it. Despite the efforts from the world’s powerful nations, the terrors inflicted by growing terrorism does not seem to allay. Though terrorism is seemingly unstoppable, it is still absurd to live our lives in consistent fear without having done anything wrong. Below are five reasons why we should stand up against terrorism which has controlled our innocent lives.

1. Terrorism thrives on fear.

Terrorist attacks are ugly and scary. They inflict severe pain and trauma into the lives of normal people. However, if we do as they say because of fear of violence, then we are only fueling their confidence. It is only a matter of time before terrorists start taking our lives into their own hands. We should stand up to these terrorists and say, much as terrorism has succeeded in destroying buildings, it cannot destroy our beliefs.

2. Our society is not a playground for terrorists.

The logic of terror groups on why they took the path of violence is often absurd and beyond the grasp of a logical mind. We should not let our lives be at stake because of petty religious or historical reasons. As long as we are running along with our lives and not interfering with anyone, we absolutely deserve the same. We should not let ourselves be victims of their sadistic ego.

3. There is no certainty with terror groups.

What is rational to a group of people can be downright offensive to others. Even if a terrorist group achieves its mission, there would be many others opposing it. So it is clear that terrorism runs in a loop and we are powerless against it. Fear thus, helps terrorists achieve what they want. However, this will also offend another group of people who will now be drawn to the same path of terrorism and throw society into the abyss of hatred. So our fear does not make sense. We should not therefore let terrorism decide the way we lead our lives because there simply are too many ways to live and there is no absolute way of living.

4. The world of fear is not the world we would want our children to live in.

Succumbing to terrorist threats and allowing terrorism to decide our way of life is not the right legacy for the future generations to bequeath. Our ancestors gifted us this world of peace through their gallantry. It is our duty to leave our children in the world that values justice. We cannot raise our children in the world in which all they learn is fear.

5. We are underestimating our power.

Terrorists have sown seeds of uncertainty in our minds. This has led us to doubt our own capabilities. It is high time we realize our potential and shout in unison “We are united. We are powerful!” They might have weapons but if we stand united, terrorists will just be another shark washed ashore by the tsunami.

Opinion by Basanta Lamichhane
Edited by Shepherd Mutsvara

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