Taylor Swift Is More Influential Than Kanye West Would Admit

Taylor Swift Is More Influential Than Kanye West Would Admit


SwiftTaylor Swift is far more influential than Kanye West would like to admit. Going back to the, now infamous, rant by West during Swift’s acceptance speech at the Video Music Awards in 2009, the two artists remain connected. Celebrity brings with it attributes that have inspired many to rise and many more to fall. With an intensely loyal fan base at her disposal, at the dismay of West, Swift is in a position of great influence and with a career that is clearly on an upward trajectory.

According to Forbes, West claimed recently that he is 50 percent more influential that any human being that has ever lived. Specifically, West believes that his influence is greater than that of Pablo Picasso, Stanley Kubrick, and even Paul the Apostle. However, what West has failed to notice is that influence is subject to gradation and, furthermore, can be measured. Forbes goes on to report on the recent findings of Nielsen Talent Analytics. Polling results indicated that West was considered to be influential in less than 25 percent of adults asked. In contrast, Swift was viewed as influential by 55 percent of those asked. Nielsen produces weekly surveys whereby, they poll consumers using a sample size of 1000. Data is collected and analyzed in order to determine who the top 50 entertainers are based on endorsement value.

In the wake of West’s commentary of self-edification, Swift remains the darling in the eyes of the public. The Inquisitr, in a recent article, applauded Swift for comments she made during her 2016 Grammy acceptance for Album of the Year. In her speech, she counseled young women to be wary of those who seek to diminish or take credit for accomplishments that are not their own. It was interesting to note, her comments were interpreted as being directed at West. Coincidentally, West’s song,¬†Famous, boasts that it was him that was responsible for propelling her into cultural phenomenon status.

Although Swift is far more influential than West would like to admit, Entertainment Weekly reported that in a recent interview, West expressed well wishes towards Swift. During the same interview, a bizarre twist occurred when West commented on his concern for people in debt who were without shoes or even a hit album. He has yet to expound on these concerns.

Further adding to her good karma, The Washington Post reported that Swift has made headlines by pledging $250,000 dollars to fellow pop singer Kesha. Kesha alleged that her producer, Dr. Luke a.k.a. Lukasz Gottwald, of drugged and raped her. The singer petitioned a court to dissolve her contract with Gottwald, but her petition was refused. The singer has elected to take legal action against her producer, prompting him to file a counter-suit.

Social media outlets are buzzing with Swift’s generous gesture. Kesha’s mother, Pebe Sebert, took to Twitter to express her gratitude. Sebert tweeted that a person’s wealth is not quantified in a material sense, it is measured by what a person does to help others. The tweet went on to praise Swift, calling her a truly rich person.

The Hartford Courant reported that on Feb. 18, 2016, Swift connected with students at the University of Connecticut when she made a donation to HuskyTHON. During the event, students participated in a dance marathon that went on through the night. Swift made a $1989 donation in honor of her latest album, 1989, which won the Grammy Award for Best New Album, a little over a week ago. Swift’s donation helped to raise a total of $716,394 for the Children’s Miracle Network and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.

Swift is far more influential than West would like to admit. While West’s recent concerns are with those in debt, who lack shoes or hit albums, Swift has focused on more philanthropic endeavors. Statistical data tend to reveal truths regardless of whether they are acknowledged or not. In the case of West and Swift, the question of who is more influential than the other¬†seems to be developing more clearly as time moves forward.

By Garrett Sayers


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