Sound Healing for Positive Health

Sound Healing for Positive Health


What would one say if they were told, sound heals bodily ailments more effectively than some of the medical practices happening today? Instead of pumping patients full of drugs and hooking them up to complex machines, sound healing is used to gain positive health. People in Australia, Greece, Tibet, and Ancient Egypt used the sacred vibration of sound to cure any “dis-ease” – created when the body leaves its natural energetic state – the platform in which all systems are functioning and flowing correctly. Disruption can create sickness, diseases, and even death. However, vibration can aid healing.

The aboriginals of Australia are recorded as the first culture to integrate sound healing as medicine. Using a hollowed wooden tube, which was known as the yidaki, modern name – didgeridoo, this was put on record as to having begun at least 40,000 years ago. The healers of the time would use sound to heal broken bones, muscle tears, and cure a wide range of illnesses bringing healing to the body.

Ancient Egyptian Priests and Priestesses would use instruments, such as harps and the sistra – a rattle-type instrument with metal discs that produces a pleasant ringing sound, also generating large amounts of ultrasound for healing – the same ultrasound used in hospitals today. The Ancient Egyptians also used toning and chanting – sacred vowel sounds to ignite a healing effect on the body.

More recently, the late Dr. Masaru Emoto, of Japan, proved that sound vibrations do have an effect on the substances they are applied to – as the results of his experiments using water has shown. The body is made up of over 70 percent water. So it would make sense that using sound to conquer the body’s imbalances should be a priority in the healing process.

The Law of Resonance states that “all energy resonates at a specific frequency, enabling only energy of a harmonious frequency to attach to it, creating physical results.” In order to get a body back to good health and working capabilities, a sympathetic resonance must be used. The idea that an object of a higher frequency can entrain objects of a lower frequency, bringing it up to the higher resonance. It is this process that can lessen and eliminate pain, and “explode” cancer cells while leaving the healthy cells around it.

In an article posted by NBC, doctors are now using music in the operating room to ease the pain and anxiety of patients about to undergo surgery. The music is being applied via headphones or musical pillows – pillows that vibrate and pulsate multiple frequencies through the body.

“We have known since the time of Florence Nightingale that listening to music has a positive impact on patients during surgery, by making them feel calmer and reducing pain. However, it’s taken pulling together all the small studies on this subject into one robust meta-analysis to really prove it works,” said Queen Mary’s doctor, Martin Hirsch.

Another notable invention in the field of sound healing is the bass pod – a lightweight cube with a speaker installed in it. The speaker is connected to a computer sound output, then a select set of cymatic frequencies, first coined by physicist and scientist Dr. Hans Jenny, are played, aiding in the healing process. As the pod is applied to the area, selected frequencies vibrate through the speaker to initiate healing. Cymatics can also be played through headphones to affect different moods and the brain.

In addition, many people are taking up the offerings of kirtan – chanting the holy names of God in a group setting, sound baths – using gongs, singing bowls, drums, didgeridoos, tuning forks, etc., and ecstatic dance to retune their body into its natural alignment. This is necessary to aid in healing.

By Bryan Friedman

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