Donald Trump Thinks He ‘Can Make America Great Again’

Donald Trump Thinks He ‘Can Make America Great Again’


Donald Trump

Has Donald Trump’s previous employment history given him the training America needs as the next Chief Executive of the United States? Trump thinks he can “Make America Great Again.” This slogan offers the candidate a wide range of campaign topics for his platform.

He has a following. His rallies are packed with fans. He has held his own within a large pool of Republican candidates. There are many who predicted Trump would have dropped this pretense before the primaries began. Yet, not only is he still campaigning, he is fairing quite well in the polls. In fact, he told a New York Times Magazine reporter, he was not going anywhere.

During the first Republican debate, which was hosted by Fox News on Aug. 6, 2015, Trump found himself at odds with one of the moderators. Megyn Kelly began with a compliment, stating he was popular with the public because he spoke his mind and was without a typical “politician’s filter.” Kelly followed the compliment with a challenge, “However, that is not without its downsides, in particular when it comes to women.”

The moderator then challenged Trump on his public misogynistic description of women such as, “fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.” His first response was to joke about only using those terms against one woman, Rosie O’Donell. When confronted with the truth, he became indignant. Instead of attempting to clear his name and reputation, Trump chose to belittle Kelly by suggesting she was menstruating.

For some reason, his battle with the Fox moderator did not slow down his followers. His ranking in the polls continued to rise.

In July 2015, The Huffington Post published their editorial policies regarding the Trump campaign. The one paragraph statement indicated that his candidacy was entertainment and nothing more and would be published as such. Therefore, anything “The Donald has to say, [will be found] next to the Kardashians and The Bachelorette.”

Donald TrumpEvery day, the reality show personality is in the news, spouting something new and often using his press time to insult one of his fellow Republicans, the Democratic Candidates, and President Barak Obama. He talks big, has gigantic ideas, and no implementation plans he is willing to discuss. When pushed to discuss these ideas and how The Donald hopes to achieve them he responds, it is in the works. There is nothing he is willing to divulge at this time. Does Trump have the ability to “Make America Great Again,” or even know how he is going to make this happen?

In January 2016, he chose to boycott the Fox Debate on the 28th. According to Vanity Fair, Trump might have taken a huge risk by walking away from the debate simply because Fox refused to buckle under and remove Kelly as a moderator. Critics believed this “petty and childish” behavior would backfire against his campaign.

However, Trump placed second in the Iowa caucus on Feb. 1. The following week, he took first place in the New Hampshire primary. He has not missed a debate since and remains outspoken against topics that concern many Americans. According to Psychology Today, Trump, the consummate salesperson, has created an effective seven-part formula.

  1. He has created an enemy.
  2. He plays on the fear of the people.
  3. Trump emphasizes that Americans have been humiliated by the Mexicans, Russians, and Chinese.
  4. He speaks about his strengths. Then labels others as losers and weaklings who lack energy.
  5. His campaign is based on resolving catastrophes.
  6. When his ideals are challenged, Trump takes it personally, even if the challenge is not directed at him.
  7. His campaign does not offer details. He simply promises to “fix everything.”

He exploits the fears of followers, and according to Psychology Today, when people are afraid and anxious it is a dangerous time to choose a leader who uses generalities to play to these emotions. This must be how Trump thinks he can “Make America Great Again.”

By Cathy Milne


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