Technology Rolled Out in CES 2016

Technology Rolled Out in CES 2016


As many people know, there is nothing quite like the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) when it comes to finding the latest and greatest in all things related to technology. From Apps, which can provide security, to TV screens that can roll up like a yoga mat. CES provided the shock and awe that many people have come to expect from this technology convention every year.

There is nothing better than a roll-up, travel TV. It does draw the question, though, are people becoming too dependent on new technology? There are people who cannot wake up without setting alarms on their phones and feel like a part of them is missing if they ever forget it at home. Most of the products that are being created in the technology field are all controlled by a cell phone and soon, wearable technology.

Home security systems, the printer, all of the house lights, and the locks use technology apps downloaded to a cell phone! What happens if someone loses or has their phone stolen? The thief cannot only unlock the front door, they can turn on the lights, water the plants, check medications, feed the cats, check the calendar to see when you’ll be home, and gain access to anything else hidden on this precious device. The thief would be using technology against the owner! Some people are perfect targets, as they have saved their account and routing number for their banking accounts on their phone, so they do not have to pull it up on the computer every single time it is needed. It makes life easier, but there is the risk of possibly losing the phone, and along with it, financial security.

Parents are faced with the constant battle of technology dependency for their children. Schools are pushing for everything to be through the Internet. Kids textbooks, their assignments, and tutoring is all done online now. While it seems to be the inevitable, turn of current civilization, what does it mean for the social skills of future generations? Their ability to speak to large crowds and their interpersonal skills cannot be properly nourished in an online community. The purpose of being a part of a six-billion piece puzzle is getting connected within the community. There are plenty of things that the current generation, and future generations can get involved with that do not include being on the Internet.

This may sound somewhat contradictory since this is being read on an online news site, but people occasionally need to look up and enjoy the world while it is still worth enjoying. There are important issues, such as the upcoming election, or the Middle East is in the middle of a war, causing refugees to flee anywhere.

The idea of all of the technological advances is inspired, and yet somewhat daunting. Something to keep in mind as the technology continues to advance beyond the direction of phone dependency.

The idea of all of the technological advances is inspiring, and yet somewhat daunting. Something to keep in mind as technology continues to advance past the direction of phone dependency and into wearable technology. The digital nation is great and mighty, but where will it be when there is no power and people have lost the ability to communicate?

Opinion by Bryanna Freeman

Sources: 22 Gadgets That Will Steal the Show at CES 2016
Featured Image Courtesy of Brett Taylor’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License