Famous Lip Balm Maker Sued for Causing Skin and Lip Damage

Famous Lip Balm Maker Sued for Causing Skin and Lip Damage


Lip balm is really nothing new. The famous Chapstick has been around for decades. But what makes this lip balm by Evolution of Smoothness (EOS) unique? EOS was sued by a California woman named, Rachael Cronin who claims that she developed blisters on her lips and skin rash around her face due to applying the lip balm.

Cronin says that she had been using the lip balm for about 10 days before she started noticing the rashes. The rashes and blisters were so bad, she required medical attention. According to the lawsuit, Cronin says, her lips felt like sand paper for several hours after using the balm. Even after Cronin reapplied the lip balm, to make her lips smooth, her skin and lips began to crack and bleed.

Cronin shared pictures of her rashes on social media sites and quickly got some responses. Other individuals, who had experienced similar issues, began to share them with her. Cronin’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, wrote the customers who have had reactions, could be in the tens or even hundreds, of thousands and he is seeking damages for his client. EOS should address theses potential health concerns.

EOS made a statement on their Facebook page, informing the public that the health and well-being of their customers is a top priority. The laboratory that creates the products for them uses the highest quality products that meet the highest health standards. Also, the lawsuit against them is without merit. They did include in their statement that they will continue to make new and exciting products for their customers.

Celebrities, such as Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian have been using the EOS lip balm without complaint. Mark Geragos is a high-profile attorney who has represented celebrities, including Mike Tyson and Chris Brown, is now after EOS. It will be curious to see how this will play out for the company, EOS.

Going back to the question of what makes the lip balm by EOS unique? EOS started with the container and made it look appealing to women and girls. They also made different colors and flavors. This sensational design has earned them a lot of customers. So what could be in the ingredients causing the skin reactions that Cronin complained about? It will have to let it go through the legal system. Then, they can remove the chemical, or warn people with certain skin allergies to avoid this product, in order to prevent another lawsuit from happening.

The lesson to learn here is that there is vanity and that cosmetics, other facial products for women are rampant and are not being properly tested, or even approved by the FDA, prior to marketing to consumers. Cronin may have had some other type of chemical on her face that could have reacted with an ingredient in the EOS lip balm, who knows? I do hope that other companies of, so-called simple, almost harmless products, like lip balm, could learn from EOS. They should prepare for potential litigation if someone gets hurt using their products.

By Charles Nwaobasi


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Image Courtesy of Catherine’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License