Donald Trump Just Does Not Have It

Donald Trump Just Does Not Have It


Although anyone would have to admit that if nothing else, Donald Trump is often amusing, he simply is not a realistic option as president for this country. It cannot be disputed that he has prowess as a businessman and celebrity. Trump has a unique and almost inexplicable knack for finding his way into everyone’s mouth at any given dinner table.

If Trump loses this election America can rest assured that it will not be because of lack of publicity. His opponents do not personally attack Trump, as he does to virtually anyone who disagrees with him. However, that is precisely why he is not the cure to America’s acknowledged problems in Washington. Trump’s support stems from his bold approach in forcing attention to otherwise unexposed topics. In our whirling enthusiasm for his blunt or straightforward attempts to fix the countries most dire, yet seemingly inappropriate issues.

In the midst of the smoke and patriotic fireworks, Americans are being deceived and led to believe Trump is courageously fighting for change. That Trump is not like all the others. The fact is, addressing an issue, by throwing stones at previous politicians’ lack of attention regarding certain illicit topics, does not justify extremist and offensive, but above all, unrealistic solutions.

A legitimate leader exercises caution before labelling entire nations or religious beliefs, as dumb or stupid. Trump cannot fire Hillary, who may not be a spade, but at least, she is playing a card, making her the outstanding trump card in the primary election. Just for the sake of productiveness, drop the traditional American bickering that is a presidential campaign, and examine the facts.

At first, it seems exaggerated, but compare Trump and Adolf Hitler as they pertain to their ascent to power. Primarily, because the United States’ foundation rejects all radical ideas associated with Nazi Germany. This may seem absurd, but is it? After all, the very core of Hitler’s rise to the top was manifested because a suffering nation succumbed to the persuasiveness of an angry man.

An agitated Germany created the conditions necessary for war. They only knew they were hurting and demanded change. What change was unspecified, but nevertheless demanded. Throw an angry man, with a wrathful demeanor, and almost bitter convictions on top of all that, and the tornado evolves.

Hitler scorched the German public, by manipulating the vast majority of unbridled rage, present in all classes. Convince the public that without him, change will not occur, and they will almost all fall in line without considering any possible implications.

Trump is doing an exceptional job of channeling that rage to suit his own benefit. Blame the Mexicans!! Build a wall, they are stupid!!! Purge the nation of Islamic citizens, they cannot be trusted!! Was that the voice of a young, unorthodox Nazi, or a famous, no-nonsense businessman with an arsenal of funds at his disposal.

It is an eerie thought, but not one without relevance. The Germans, on average, were not guilty of genocide, they simply wanted the Jewish people gone. However, in their overzealous state of mind, did not care where they went. What is to become of the Mexicans Trump? Should people look at a Mexican and conform to stereotypical opinions? Are Mexican people stupid and unwelcome? So are those that endorsed Trump. Mexico begins to look like Poland. It is obviously not imminent, but the similarities are undeniable.

The main point is not that Americans are becoming Nazis. However, for those who act on impulse, the right leader can manipulate them and not approve the end result. America does need change and address real problems, but not with anger and arrogance. Trump, your fired!

By: Jonathan Kirk

Image Courtesy of Gage Skidmore’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License