Three Stabbed in London

Three Stabbed in London


Three people were stabbed at a London subway station on Saturday, Dec. 5, 2015. The police are treating this as if it were terrorist attack. The assailant was hit with a stun gun before he was taken into custody.

All three victims survived the stabbing, however, one sustained serious injuries. The attack occurred in the evening on Saturday, and police were alerted. The caller reported to the police that a man was stabbing three people at the London subway station.

Currently, the police are not releasing the man’s identity, or if they know the motive behind the stabbings. All that was disclosed that the man is 29 years old. It was also suggested that the man in custody had posted on social media that his motive behind the attacks was related to Syria.

The police have requested that anyone within the vicinity of the Leytonstone subway station with any information to offer concerning the stabbing should call the anti-terror hotline at 0800 789 321.

There have been some videos released, showing the aftermath of the stabbings. The police are interested in any further videos or knowledge of any suspicious activity in the area around the time of the stabbings.

Several witnesses stated they saw a man holding a knife, possibly a hobby knife, over another man who was laying on the ground at the London subway station. The man who was upright, pacing around. Further witnesses noted that once the man was in custody, passersby were throwing various items at the man.

Understandably, Londoners are on edge with all of the recent attacks that have been happening worldwide, and the Paris attacks mere weeks ago. Officials are encouraging the public to “remain calm, but alert and vigilant.”

The current state of attacks has raised the terror alert to severe. This level means that terror attacks are highly likely.

Due to the three stabbings, the London subway has altered the schedule. The subway trains are not running between Liverpool Street and Woodford and Newbury Park for the remainder of the evening.

As expected, all other lines have been affected as well. Most are running behind. Subway tickets are being accepted by other means of transportation: TFL Rail trains, Abellio Greater Anglia and local buses. It is best to plan extra time for any commute over the next few days.

The police arrived at the scene in less than 10 minutes. It took several taser hits to take the suspect down. It is anticipated this man’s home and life, leading up to the three stabbings in the London subway, will be under scrutiny. Any computers, smartphone, or other electronics he owns will likely be searched for evidence that will help investigators determine this man’s history and background with possible terrorist groups. Additionally, the police will be conducting an investigation into whether this man acted alone or if he has ties to any other person or organization.

There were several people in the vicinity who took to social media voicing their accounts of what happened, sharing the horror, and grief they felt as the events unfolded. There are several search words on Twitter related to the attacks: #London Attack, #London Underground, and #London Tube.

By Catherine Monreal

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