Social Networking and Safety

Social Networking and Safety


Now and then, a smart thought can transform into something awful. Social networking is an illustration of a good idea gone awry. When it was developed, it was so that people could share musings and thoughts with similar individuals. It also provided a way for people to stay in contact with a usually inaccessible crew. At that point, it began to develop into the beast it is today. It is intensely included in each part of people’s lives now, regardless of the possibility that one chooses not to use it.

Many employers make hiring choices based on resumes and social networking behavior. What is found on social networking sites can shine a light onto a person that is not otherwise seen in the general process of an interview. Some may misjudge the importance of one candidate over the other as well. How many stories have been told about people who have lost their careers and medical coverage due to postings on social media websites? A person can even lose their business connections due to an inappropriate post or share to a social network that may have seemed absolutely innocent then. The level of an individual’s protection has seemingly been compromised in the 21st century, and most people do not even realize it has happened.

The suggestion of leaving all social media networks receives an astounding reaction. Some express that it is unsafe; even hazardous. Others let it be known that a change in time spent using social networking would inspire paranoia or fear that one would be missing out on something.

It can be perceived as abnormal how quickly social networking has been absorbed into one’s daily routine. Especially when, at one time, many people doubted it would be accepted, yet now people behave as if they cannot live without it.

To some degree, this could be considered disturbing, on the grounds that a considerable number of the world’s population know the significant amount of time that comes with maintaining a social network. However, people are hesitant to resist posting or reading other posts, making it impossible to change. Some people have become so obsessed that it has become impossible for them to tell the truth while participating on social networks.

Some will choose to check their online activities and to continue their lives using social networking, seeing it as a benefit. People would choose to leave the idea of social media behind if only they could see how far from their true selves they have become, Then there are those who will evaluate their lives, realize they are not who they portray online, but will still remain with their social networks. Still, the idea remains to pursue a self-evaluation and to genuinely look into the pros and cons of using social networks for personal and business contacts.

It may be that relatively few people even need to take a gander at the detriments of social media in light of the fact they do not want to live without it. In any case, perhaps it could be a great opportunity to face the threats of those unwilling to look at social media as anything other than the main way people can keep regular contact with the important people in their lives.

Opinion by Chandrababu Kandregula


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