Las Vegas Assemblywoman Vicki Dooling for District 41

Las Vegas Assemblywoman Vicki Dooling for District 41


Vicki Dooling, a freshman Republican from Henderson, Nevada is determined to keep her legislative seat for District 41 in the 2016, general election. The enigmatic assemblywoman once dubbed, a “Conservative Rising Star” has gone beyond non-partisan politics to exhort all neighbors in the Silver State to triumph over the nation’s worst evils; unemployment and taxation. The call for all neighbors in Carson City to actively support their state and nation. Many neutral observers view this as restoring prosperity to the people of Las Vegas, but also all Americans.

Dooling’s decision to seek re-election stems from her strong-held belief of empowering the common citizen. According to her campaign manifesto, the lawmaker affirms the role people play in the governmental process. She believes that if the citizenry gets involved in grassroots politics they will heap coals of fire on politicians that will be made to work around-the-clock for the benefit of the electorate. This work, according to her, should go beyond the constraints of partisan politics and be carried out without any “vested interest.”

In a recent article published in the Reno Gazette-Journal, noted, Dooling’s ability to maneuver in a rugged political landscape. The article reported, the assemblywoman has expertly handled her duties for Carson City, despite having “2,000 more Democrats in her district.” This ability to glide through the polarized political topography has won her friends from multiple Parties. Arguably, her experience in founding the Las Vegas Tea Party in 2010, and her volunteer activities during the 2008, presidential campaign, might have made her realize that “apathy is not an option anymore.” All citizens should harness their energies toward a positive contribution to whatever level of government impacts their daily lives. With this approach, it is said, the 71-year-old, veteran lawmaker is “the first district candidate to be endorsed and supported” by different political organizations.

Tom Jones, chairman of Independent American Party, in Clark County, said in a recent press release, “Vicki will serve all of the people in the district.” This endorsement combined with the many Democrats who have expressed their support for the Las Vegas assemblywoman has given her impetus to steamroll a bold campaign; code-named “Democrats for Dooling!” In her own words, this campaign for re-election is built on the following five key areas:


Unemployment remains a constant nagging problem in Nevada. According to the Las Vegas assemblywoman, unemployment has negatively affected the economy and has disenfranchised the family unit. Dooling will thus tackle unemployment as her first priority.
To do this she promises to:

  1. Reform and streamline education policies to aid businesses in Nevada.
    2. Minimize State interference in employment policies.
    3. Regulate corporate taxes and any other encumbrances that may stunt business growth.
    4. Ultimately, reducing the unemployment rate to manageable levels, failure of which, she has promised the Las Vegas electorate that she will not seek re-election.


The Las Vegas assemblywoman strongly insists Assembly District 41 embrace the common sense approach in reforming education in Nevada. The lawmaker promised to create a practical and sustainable education program in Carson City aimed at:

  1. Producing competent graduates at any level of the education system.
    2. Improve Nevada’s current position from number 50, in education.
    3. Low teacher-pupil ratio.
    4. Improve the level of per-pupil spending.
    5. Co-sponsor a new bill to overhaul poor education statistics.

    Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The Affordable Care Act, widely known as “ObamaCare” might be the current law, but according to Assemblywoman Dooling, it does not afford the citizenry a holistic solution to health insurance. She acknowledges that although some pieces of the ACA are beneficial, a large part of the legislation has drained the financial resources of all states. It is her intention to repeal the ACA, as it has choked the tax-payers and left them with meager disposable income.

Business Regulations

Carson City requires robust business growth. Assemblywoman Dooling believes in a lean and efficient government. A bloated public purse has serious taxation consequences to the already overburdened population. In her campaign manifesto, the Republican incumbent says that all levels of government should be held accountable to the U.S. Constitution. Dooling firmly ascribes to the notion that “consumers [must] keep and spend their own money.” Taxes should not be raised to support huge government spending, which according to her, has also become “intrusive both in Washington DC and Carson City.” As Republicans loudly acclaim, “Las Vegas Assemblywoman Vicki Dooling for District 41!” Observers eagerly await to see how the 2016, general election battle will end in Las Vegas.

By Shepherd Mutsvara
Edited by Jeanette Smith

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Image Courtesy of Vicki Dooling’s Facebook Page